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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Piano Lesson

Hello everyone! Here are some pictures of Olivia and Gracie playing a couple weekends ago. Olivia loves giving hugs, the only problem - they're full contact, tackle hugs! Check out her giving Gracie a hug:

I'm not sure what the fascination with climbing IN the toy box, but they spent quite a bit of time in there. Here's Gracie smiling for the camera.

Well, not much to tell this entry as far as Olivia goes, except that she got to have a fun "piano lesson" from my friend Harmony, who just got her piano set up. Harmony was nice enough to invite us over for Olivia to play with the piano since she LOVES music so much. She had a blast with it and it was fun to see her so excited about it. Maybe Santa will bring her a keyboard or something . . .

Here are some videos of her musical genius:

Other than that, we got to go to the hurricane's hockey game on Friday night. Our friends Aaron and Pam Hipp were in town and invited us to join them and Aaron's sister, Katie and her husband. We also brought Randy and Sara with us. Olivia and Gracie stayed behind with Randy's mom for the night. The girls were still awake at 10:30 watching Shrek when we got back. They had a wonderful time - thanks SO much Sandra for helping us out! We appreciate it.

It was really nice to see Aaron and Pam again. Here they are:

and of course the game went into overtime . . . and we lost anyway! Ugh!

Aside from that, we've just been really busy. Grant is still putting in a LOT of hours at his clinic and my work has started picking up. I was in Greenville, NC on Thursday (~1.5 hours east), and Kannapolis (just outside of Charlotte, ~2 hours west) on Friday. I have to be back in Kannapolis tomorrow and Tuesday so I'm staying with mom and dad tonight and tomorrow night (thanks guys!). Grant is home with Olivia for the next couple of days.

That's about all for now.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Well, we had a VERY busy Halloween weekend with little Olivia. On Friday, they had a Halloween party at daycare and all the kids got to show off their costumes and eat lots of yummy snacks.

Here's a picture of Olivia with Jordyn (left) and Sophia (right) munching on the cookies! As you can see, Olivia was Minnie Mouse for Halloween:

Here are the boys - Ethan (left) and DJ (right):

Here's a video from the party:

Friday night we went to a Halloween Festival, "Goblins in the Park," with some friends. Sara and Gracie went with us and we met our little friends, Logan and Masyn with their parents, there. It was a good time and we enjoyed seeing all of Olivia's little friends together. Olivia and Gracie entered the 2 and under Halloween costume contest and got to parade around. Olivia didn't win, but we thought she was adorable. (A baby garden gnome won!)

Here we are hanging out before we left for the festival:

Here's little Gracie dressed as Curious George:

Grant met us out there when he got off work. Here he is with all the little ones.
From left to right: Masyn, Olivia, Gracie and Logan. Aren't they all so cute! Logan was a kitty cat and Masyn was *supposed* to be a pumpkin but didn't feel like wearing her costume.
(this is the best we could do with getting a group picture!)

When we got home that evening, we let Olivia and Gracie hang out and play a bit. Here's Gracie (wearing a pair of Olivia's PJs) and Olivia *sharing* the little bike. Olivia was on it and Gracie jumped on in front of her!

Then on Halloween/Saturday Olivia got to wear her costume to The Little Gym:

They ALWAYS love the bubbles at the end of class:

THEN, that night, it was time to get ready for our FIRST trick-or-treating adventure! We went around some of our neighbor's houses (especially all the neighbors we know really well) and Olivia got some yummy candy. Olivia has already REALLY enjoyed a dum dum lollipop while we were out.
Here she is with ready to go:

Then on Sunday, Grandmom and Granddad came to visit us! So we spent the afternoon hanging out with them. Grandmom even brought Olivia a little Minnie Mouse stuffed animal to play with in honor of her cute little costume! So, after a long weekend filled with friends, family and fun - we are all pretty worn out!