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Saturday, December 29, 2007

15-Week Belly Shots

Ok, I figured I needed to go ahead and put some belly shots of me on here so those of you out of town can see how I'm developing - now that I'm starting to show pretty good. Here are a couple that Grant took the other day of me. I initially lost 3-4 pounds with the morning sickness, but as of today I am back to my initial wieght. Here they are:

Grant's Surgery

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you an update on how Grant's surgery went yesterday. Ok, so we had to be at the hospital by 5:30 for an 8:30 surgery. We were there on time and were the first ones in line for Dr. Wyker. We got called back to the pre-op room by 6am and grant got to dress up in this great outfit!

Then he had a bunch of different nurses and such coming and going asking him questions, doing his IV and getting him prepped. He was taken back into surgery just before 8:30 and I was sent to the waiting room. Not 40 minutes later, Dr. Wyker came out to talk with me. The surgery went well. He removed 3 foreign bodies (cartilage) from his knee and said that would help him not feel like he had gravel loose in his knee. He had a small tear in his meniscus cartilage and Dr. Wyker smoothed that out. The biggie is that he did have to do the micro-fracture surgery on his knee which will put him non-weightbearing and on crutches for 6 weeks!!! The means out of work and sitting home bored to death for 6 WEEKS! I got to come back and see him about 30 mnutes later and we were on the road home by a little after 10am. He did really well, didn't get sick coming off the anaesthesia or at all. A little light headed here and there and occasionally a bit sick feeling, but all in all, the best post-op he's ever had! So, now he's just got to hang back and wait for the cartilage to grow back and take effect.

Here is a picture of him from today sitting on the couch watching basketball.

Well, as for me, other than being completely wiped out after waking up at 4 in the morning and taking care of my honey all day I am doing well. I think the morning sickness is definately gone!!! YEAH! AND, I think the headache/migraine phase is on its way out. I am not getting them everyday anymore and they are easing up in intensity. So until the next fun sympton, I'll be taking care of Grant.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since my last entry. Not much has been going on worth reporting. I think (fingers crossed) that I am FINALLY out of the morning sickness phase . . . but have no fear I still have the indegestion (though the Zantac is working wonderfully) but I have now entered the headache/migraine phase! Ugh! I hear this will last a month or so and then we'll move onto the next "phase." I have several perscriptions to try but haven't quite mastered how to get rid of them all the time. I've had about 4 migraines in the last 2-3 weeks and a headache just about every day. This too shall pass . . . I hope! :)

On a lighter note, we had a pretty busy weekend this past weekend. One of Grant's old classmates is moving to New Zealand for a PhD program so we went to a going away party for her on Friday night and got to see a bunch of their old classmates and spread our news to them! They are all very nice! Then Saturday night was Grant's company holiday party and it was pretty fun! I actually won a couple things in their raffle - a massage and a private pilates lesson. Not sure if I'll use the pilates lesson anytime in the next year or so, but I'll definately be enjoying the massage later on when my back aches and I need some relief!

Other than that, we have finally finished our X-mas shopping and have been having a lot of holiday get-togethers with friends - so we are staying quite busy! We are trying to get everything for the holidays worked out and some stuff done around here beforehand since Grant is having his knee surgery right after christmas (the 28th!) and most likely he'll be non-weightbearing for 6 weeks. Fun! Anyway, that's really all for now. My next doctor's appt isn't until the week after christmas, but I'll keep you all updated on Grant's surgery! Have a wonderful christmas if I'm not back beforehand! :)

Monday, December 3, 2007


Ok, so it has been a little while since my last entry, let me update everyone on what's been going on:

Told the boss about being "with child" and he said he was expecting this to happen so he wasn't really surprised. He was very nice about it all and told me to take as much time off as I needed for Maternity leave. So . . . although it will mess up some of our projects that we have planned out for this coming year, he is very happy for us and very understanding! :)

I scheduled my next couple of doctor's appointments. The quad screening (bloodwork for down's syndrome etc) will be on January 4th. The next sonogram - to find out if it is a little baby boy or girl - will be on January 14th. Yeah! I'm really excited about that one!

We also went and looked at some daycares this past Thursday. We looked at 3 of them. We have narrowed it down to 2 of them. There is one really close and cheaper than the other, however we REALLY like the other one! I'm sure both of them will be fine and give good care to our little one. So, now I need to decide between the one we love that is more expensive and further away, or the one that is very convenient and costs less. I think I'll need to visit the closer one again sometime because we went at a bad time (nap time for the kids and during the lunch hour for the teachers), so I can get a better feel for it before I make a decision. Oh-well, still have plenty of time to decide! Wish us luck!

Other than that, we had Becca's baby Shower (Grant & My sister-in-law) this past weekend and it went really well. It was nice to see all of the family and everything! Not much more than that going on other than dealing with morning sickness, STILL!! I am hoping that it will be over VERY soon! I will be 12 weeks on thursday, so hopefully that will be the end of it! Other than that, I am starting to show a little and have developed a little baby bump! It is cute and I am enjoying showing it off!