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Friday, June 17, 2011

Water Bug and New Rooms

The other day I was working from home and went outside and came upon Olivia at Ms. Angie's house "helping" her water the flowers. Needless to say - I'm not sure how much "help" she was, but she had a good time and got soaked in the process!

Silly girl!

I wanted to show you guys pictures of her new big girl room, too! This was her present from Mama and Daddy for her birthday. We got her some big girl furniture and a new bedding/room set with flowers and butterflies on it. Granddad helped get us a great deal on the furniture and even delivered it for us! Thanks so much for helping us out with that and to you both for helping us set up their new rooms!

It turned out so pretty and we all love it!

And when she got her big girl furniture, little brother inherited the baby furniture for his room and put his bedding together and hung the valances. His room still needs a lot of work, but is looking pretty cute already!

Now our dilemma is whether or not we will still be in this house when he comes! So here is the run down of everything going on in our lives right now.

  1. We put our house on the market on Monday this week. (now we just need to keep it looking clean and pretty EVERY day to show!!)

  2. Our air conditioner broke on MONDAY - yep, the same day our house went on the market! So, we had a very hot night and a very hot Tuesday, but it is fixed now and back to the coolness! Thank goodness!

  3. We have decided to build a house (since the one we fell in love with sent under contract with someone else while we were looking at it for the 2nd time!) - so we are building that same house on a nicer lot! We should be *hopefully* signing the contract with the builders tomorrow! Yeah!

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that we are having a baby and have no idea if we will be homeless when he comes! If we sell this house too soon, we may be homeless for a bit before our new house will be ready at the end of December. And possibly by the time baby comes. So, we'll have some juggling to do if we sell our house before our new one is ready! We will keep you posted on that one!

There are a couple more things going on right now, but I'll save that for another post. for now, just know that we are doing well, but have VERY full plates and are trying to get everything worked out. One thing at a time.

I'll leave you guys with a cute video of Olivia spelling her name for you guys. This is something that she has known how to do for a little while now, but we were finally able to get it on video. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Olivia!

So our little Olivia has turned 3! I have been trying to get this blog entry out for over a week, but the blogger wouldn't let me upload the videos. I finally got them uploaded today! AND I already put a slide show from all the wonderful pictures that my great friend, Jenn took at the party for us. THANKS, JENN!!

As always, I had to make a fancy cake for Olivia and mom came and helped me out this time. Not quite as elaborate as last year, but still came out very good. Here is our cute Minnie Mouse cake:

We had her party at a bouncy place called Jumpin Beans up in Wake Forest. It was a perfect place to have a 3-year old party! The kids LOVED it and the adults got to mingle and some of them even went in the bouncer to play with the kids!

I only got a couple pictures of the occasion, but the slide show from Jenn (in the previous blog entry) has TONS more.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come share Olivia's special party with her and for all the wonderful gifts that she received. We have such wonderful friends and it was great to see everyone!

Here is Olivia when we all sang to her:

Here she is with a couple of her buddies, Reece and Jordyn:

We had a great time at the party and I think everyone else did - I KNOW all the kids did and I am sure they all passed out on their way home after all that jumping.

Olivia's actual birthday was on a Tuesday, which just happens to be Grant's night off - yeah! We decided to do something simple and take her up to TGI Fridays for dinner.

She has always loved when they sing to other people at restaurants for their birthdays and wanted to have them sing to her. Unfortunately, she did get a little scared when they started because they were so loud, but she loved that they sang to her. Here's a video of it:

She even got a special birthday treat from them . . . ice cream! Yum!

When we got home we had one more gift for her (her big present from us was her big girl furniture and bedding). Here is a video of us giving it to her:

This guitar is a little nicer than the toy one we got her last year. We can actually tune this one (more or less). We decorated it with princesses and flowers for her and every day since she has told us how much she loves her own guitar.

Here she is playing us a tune: