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Watch Owen Houston Nelson Grow!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Early January Update

Since I am so far behind - I am going to do more pictures than words to at least let you see how big the little ones are getting.  Here are the pictures and videos from the first part of January (through about the 11th or so). 

Here is Owen just hanging out and a couple videos of him talking and smiling:

His adorable froggy hat that he wears every day to and from daycare (or wherever we take him)!

The beautiful Livi just hanging out on the couch:

Here's Owen in his new Jumper:

Here is a video of Olivia and Owen sort of dancing together.  Owen just adores Olivia and just lights up every time he sees her.  She can always get him excited and make him smile.  Here she is getting him to "dance" - just watch:

Here are a couple pictures of Owen's little hands.  I just love his little chubby hands and his little rubber band wrists!!! (wrists that look like they have rubber bands on them)  So cute!!! Awwwwwwwwww.

Just watching the game with daddy (see just read his shirt!):

Pictures with the Cousins

We went and had some pictures taken right before Christmas with the kids and Drew and Emma.  They came out pretty good.  Here are some of the better ones that they took (we got the CD from the session):

Christmas in Lenoir

After we had Christmas as our house that morning, we had Christmas in Lenoir with Grant's family.  Here are some pictures and videos from when we went there.

Liv and Drew all dressed up:

Check out all that mess:

Uncle Chad with Owen:

Nana with Owen:

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone (ok, a bit late!).  Here are the pictures and videos from Christmas at our house when my family came up to visit. 

Here is Olivia coming down Christmas morning - she didn't think Santa had come!

Owen with his Stocking loot!

Olivia's loot:

Her favorite gift - the Dora camera:

Goodies for Santa

Ok, I know I have been completed MIA for a WHILE!  Let me explain.  We moved, then I went back to work and the kids started daycare/pre-school.  Well, I was getting used to juggling the 2 kids and going back to work and everything, then 3 days in (Wednesday the 3rd of January) I got a call from the daycare that Owen was running a fever.   So - off I run from work to go pick him up (a 40 minute commute or so) then off to the doctor's office (another 35 minute commute or so) and find out he has his first (of many) ear infections (both ears!).  Lovely!  So, I am out the rest of the week with the poor little guy.  The following week, Olivia catches the cold (that led to the ear infection with Owen) and she gets Croup - in the middle of the night, we start heading out to the ER, fortunately halfway there, it seems to go away, so we turn around and go to the doctor in the morning.  Out the rest of that week.  The following week, I wind up getting really, really sick - to the point where my co-workers sent me home on a Friday morning by telling me that I looked like death - then they corrected themselves and said that I actually looked like the emperor from Star Wars!!!! NOT nice!

(and somewhere in there Olivia had gotten Pink eye!)

So, I leave work right before lunch miserable - stay miserable all weekend - lose my voice and feel like I am dying.  (keep in mind that Owen is STILL on antibiotics for his ear infections)

I went to the doctor that Monday morning to find out that I had bronchitis and a sinus infection.  Fun!  Go to the pharmacy and home to sleep until I have to pick the kids up.  Out of work Tuesday and Wednesday until I get a call Wednesday from daycare telling me that Owen has a bad cough and, by the way, they were having an outbreak of RSV at the daycare, so I should take him to the doctor.  Fantastic!  So, off I go to pick him up and take him to the doctor. 

Yep, he tested positive for RSV - he apparently gave me RSV, but because he was still on the antibiotics for his ears until Sunday night, he didn't show symptoms himself until early the following week (just carried it home for me)  He had double ear infections again, a sinus infection and bronchitis!  Poor little guy!  Ok, now I'm out for the rest of that week (and I still felt awful!).

Well, it is a couple weeks later and I am still trying to get over it all - Owen wound up getting bronchiolitis (a stage worse than bronchitis) and then we both sort of got over it then got a secondary respiratory infection and wound up on steroids (me oral - him on a breathing treatment for the rest of the winter).  Owen was out last Thursday and Friday, then daycare was closed yesterday for president's day, so Susan came to help out so I could actually go to work (and keep my job!)

Even Grant is sick now!  It has been a mess around here lately!  Hopefully, we will continue to keep getting better and I'll get to keep going to work!

But anyway,  let's pick up where we left off - right before Christmas. Here is me and Liv making a gingerbread house:

Here are pictures and videos from when my family came to visit at our house for Christmas and my mom was helping us make some cookies for Santa: