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Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Gym Graduation

Hello everyone! What a week it has been! So last Friday evening I started feeling pretty bad and running a fever. I thought I was just getting the bad cold that Olivia had had the previous week or two. I REALLY didn't want to be sick since the next day (Saturday) we had Olivia's final day of this semester at The Little Gym (Graduation) and Gracie's 2nd birthday party! Well, I was still running a fever on Saturday, so Grant wound up taking Olivia to The Little Gym AND Gracie's party.

Here are some pics that Sara took for us of Grant and Olivia at The Little Gym Graduation:

On the balance beam

Surfing across the barrels

Doing a head-stand

Her FAVORITE - Hanging from the bars

Then they got their medals at the graduation ceremony. Aren't they so cute with their little awards. I hate that I missed it! :(

That afternoon, Grant got to go to Gracie's 2nd birthday party with Olivia. I can't believe that she's already 2!! Wow, time flies so quickly!

Happy Birthday, Gracie!

Here's "auntie" Sara with Olivia:

So, that brings us to Saturday - still had a fever! Daycare was closed on Monday, so I already had planned to stay home with Olivia anyway, but turns out, I needed a sick day anyway! Still running a fever! I went to the doctor (with Olivia in tow) late that morning and they said I had a 102.5 degree fever. The doctor told me that based on everything going on I most likely had either pneumonia (great) or H1N1 (even better!) and they weren't able to do a chest x-ray on me to check my lungs that day to confirm the pneumonia. So they gave me Tamiflu for the flu and antibiotics for the pneumonia - to cover all the bases. They told me to call Olivia's doctor just to confirm, but they said that since she had already had the H1N1 vaccines, chances were VERY low that she would get it from me if that's what I had. The pediatrician confirmed this - so at least I wasn't too worried about Olivia getting sick, but I was still feeling AWFUL and not really able to take care of her. Thankfully, Sara was able to come and get Olivia and watch her the rest of the day. Grant picked her up from their house on his way home from work! THANK YOU, SARA - it was such a help!
Oh, yeah - the doctor also said that I was not going to be able to go back to work the WHOLE WEEK! At least I could send Olivia to daycare during the day so that I could rest. I wound up running a fever until Wednesday! Then I was having trouble breathing (and still am a little bit) - so I was REALLY exhausted and felt terrible. I had a follow-up appt. at the doctor on Friday and they were able to do the chest x-ray. It confirmed that I had pneumonia in my right lung (looked like a pretty good case of it, too!). So they gave me a second round of antibiotics and an inhaler to help me breathe. I am back to work today, but still feeling pretty run down. I wound up coming home a little early today because I was too worn out to handle a full day of work. Maybe by the end of this week, I'll start feeling back to myself! I have another doctor's appt next Monday to check on my breathing stuff, then have to have another chest x-ray in 4-6 weeks (apparently it can take quite a while to get over pneumonia!). All I can say is PNEUMONIA SUCKS!
So, that's how my week has gone! Aside from all of that, Olivia started her 2nd semester at The Little Gym this past Saturday - she has moved up from the birdies class to the beasties class. With it she went from being one of the older kids, to being the baby in the class! She's keeping up pretty good, though! Grant's parents came up to see us on Sunday and were able to hang out with Olivia for the afternoon.
That's about all that's going on now. Here are some more pics of Olivia from this past week.
Grant's Dad got Olivia some cute jammies that are pink camouflage and have a little robe that came with it. Check it out:
Look what it says on the back:

"Doe Crossing"
Isn't that funny! Until next time, take care!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Playing and Dancing

Happy New Year! Well, Olivia has been having a great time playing with all her new toys and showing off her dancing skills to us! She can be quite a ham sometimes! What's really neat is that my parents got her a soft photo album and put pictures of all the members of our immediate families and of our friends Randy, Sara and Gracie in it. Olivia LOVES that album and can tell you who almost everyone is in it. She'll just pick it up and yell "Papa!" and find him in it then go through and show us Drew and Nana and Gracie and . . . She is still having some trouble saying "Grandma," "Grandmom," and "Granddad" - but she definitely can point them out if we ask her to. I'll have to work on getting a video of her going through it for you all to see.

Here she is playing with her new Sit-N-Spin (I know, right - they're actually still making these - my brother and I used to play with ours all the time!). Gracie (and Sara and Randy) got it for her.

I also got a great picture of her *Cheesing* on her new bike from Grandmom and Granddad. I'll need to get a video of her riding on it. She still can't reach the pedals but can really move around on it pretty well by pushing off the ground with her feet. (You can see all her teefers in this picture, too!)

Olivia has also been a pretty good girl about sitting at her new little table to eat her dinners and color (except for one incident when I left the room to load the dishwasher and came back in and she was sitting on top of the table coloring the WHOLE table!! - Thank goodness for magic erasers!)

Olivia has been growing a lot lately. We need to go through her clothes again and pull out all the clothes she's outgrown. Not only is she growing - but her hair has really started to grow. She has these really cute little *wings* in the back and sides of her hair. Here are some good pictures of her hair from when she was brushing her teeth. Look how long it is getting!

Brush, brush, brush . . .
Oh, yeah, here's a family picture from my family at Christmas that I forgot to put on the last blog. (it was sitting in my email from my dad).

And, here's the best part of this blog - Olivia's great dance moves! She has really started to LOVE to dance to any and all music playing. She twirls, squats, claps and sways. She has started dancing even better than this lately - we just need to get another video of her. But for now - these two videos are pretty funny!!

I will do my best to get some more videos of Olivia dancing and doing all the fun and silly things that she's been doing lately.