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Watch Owen Houston Nelson Grow!

Watch Olivia Rose Grow!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Late January Update

We started feeding Owen solid foods, and well . . . it was a rocky start, but he is starting to get the hang of it.  Here is one of his first feedings:

Look at that little chunker!!!

 Listen to this little dude snoring away (he sounds like daddy!):

Cuddling with daddy first thing in the morning!

Late January House Update

We are (Very Slowly!!) trying to decorate our new home, but I wanted to share with you some of the views of the inside since you all got to see it in the building process.  Here is our bedroom since we got our new furniture and bedding.  I have since painted some pictures and hung them and am still working on finishing up the decorations, so I will have to take more pictures for you, but for now - here are some to give you an idea:

Here are some pictures of the family room and kitchen (sorry about the glare - not sure what happened here)  You can see Grant, Livi and Owen watching some TV.

Here is Owen't room - I'll have to decorate it and then take some more pictures for you guys.

Same with Liv's room:

Mid-January Update

Here are some pictures and videos from the middle of January of the kids hanging out and being cute.  Owen has a new bouncer that he loves to bounce in and bounces so much that he wears himself out and sometimes even passes out in it:

Here is my little Liv being a great big sister with her little brother.  The second picture (the one of them on their elbows) is my screensaver on my computer right now that I get to see all day while I'm at work:

Here are some fun videos of Owen talking and giving some raspberries to me.  He is quite the ham!

Poor little guy!  He is just all worn out!