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Watch Owen Houston Nelson Grow!

Watch Olivia Rose Grow!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mid - June Update

Here is a video of Owen just giggling away in his high chair right before dinner time the other day.  So funny:

Here is Olivia and Daddy swinging on the swing set and having a great time.  We are still working on teaching her to pump her legs to swing on her own, but she has the see-saw swing figured out!

Olivia's 4th Birthday (the day of)

For Olivia's actual birthday (Thursday the 14th), we both stayed home with her that morning to do presents and hang out, then I took her to school so she could celebrate with her friends and have their party for her (with cupcakes and capri suns in tow).

Here is just a quick picture of Owen that morning that I thought was cute:

Here's Olivia sitting waiting to open her presents from Mommy, Daddy and Owen:

Here is Olivia opening her presents:

Here she is opening her princess Lego's:

Olivia's big present from us was a big girl bike (of course a PRINCESS big girl bike!).  We had it in the garage waiting for her, so I asked her to help me go to the garage to throw away the wrapping paper after she opened her other presents and she was in for a surprise when she opened the garage door.  Here's a video of it:


Here is Olivia riding her bike for the first time (and Owen trying to keep up! lol):

I was feeding Owen, and Olivia went and got her baby, Rose, to feed her too.  Then we both burped our babies and they fell asleep.  How cute - our little mama!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Olivia's 4th Birthday - Party Time!!

We had Olivia's birthday party on June 10th (Sunday).  We had entirely too many people at our house, but it was actually very nice to see everyone and we had everything spread out enough where it didn't seem too crowded or crazy!  Just about everyone we invited came to celebrate her 4th birthday and she had a blast with her friends.

Here is a picture of Grandmom and Granddad with the grandkids (should have gotten a picture of my family - maybe next time!)

We rented a princess bouncy house for the party (it was actually cheaper to rent one than to rent the room at the bouncy place like we did last year.  This way we also got it for half the day instead of 1 1/2 hours - pretty good deal!)  All the kids LOVED it!!

And, of course, I had to make a big beautiful cake for my little princess!  (Mom helped with the castle construction! - thanks mom!)  We made her a big beautiful castle and 3 little princesses (the top part is the actual plastic doll and the skirt is cake.  The entire outfit is fondant.)  Here are the pictures of the cakes - I think they turned out really well:

Snow White
Sleeping Beauty


Here are some pictures of the kids jumping inside the bouncy house (courtesy of my great friend, Jenn - thanks so much for helping take pictures!!)

Olivia and Reese being buddies!

Here's a nice family photo right before it was time for singing and cake:

Singing to the birthday girl!

 Of course we had to put the candles with Snow White (her favorite!!):

 Blowing out the candles:

Even Ms. Angie and Ms. Mur Mur came:

Poor Snow White!!!!  (a little cannibalistic, isn't it??)

Here are some pictures of the swing set with all the party goers on it.  It got a lot of action that day!

 Jordyn and Gabe from Ms. Angie's, and Alexandra swinging

Here is Grandmom swinging with Olivia and Drew.  We basically had to pry them off the swing set - they were having so much fun out there long after everyone else left!

Here's Olivia climbing the rock wall on the side of the swing set:

We had one more surprise that day - my great friend, Thuy, from high school came up for the night because she had a test in Raleigh the next morning.  She even did our nails.  Here's Olivia's daisies on her thumbs that Thuy painted.  (I got daisies on my ring fingers - minus the bright pink polish!)

It was a VERY LONG day, but it was a lot of fun and a great party!  Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate, or sent their best wishes from afar! 

Early June Update

Here is Olivia and Owen's new swingset.  Right after it went up, the deer we have behind our house came over to investigate.  Here is a picture and a video - these guys aren't scared of anything and are always around - even if we are outside!!

Owen got his first tooth on June 6th - it is pretty tiny - but I managed to get a picture of it to show you all. (I think the other one on the bottom is about to pop through because we've been pretty cranky lately and he is all drool!!)

Here is Olivia and Shari (Sean's girlfriend) swinging on Olivia's swingset the weekend of her birthday party:

Late May Update

Here are the pictures and videos from the end of May.  A LOT of Owen videos for you guys to see how big he is getting!  What a joy he has been!  He is so layed back and easy going - but now he is beginning to get into EVERYTHING!  He is mobile and nothing can stop him! lol

Here he is napping with daddy:

Here are some videos of Owen being silly and doing his version of dancing:

Here he is playing the drums and being a complete ham:

Here is daddy playing Peek with him and he is laughing like crazy - soooo cute!!!

Here's a video of him in the bath - he LOVES the bath now - so much so that NO ONE is dry by the time he is done!

He is getting close to walking.  Here he is pushing a walker accross the floor - took some practice, but he got it.  (this was a while ago, now he's a pro at it - still not walking on his own, though)

One of the weekends at the end of May we had our dear friends, Cindy, John and Alyssa from our old neighborhood over and we had a wonderful time catching up!  They are definitely one of the biggest things we miss about our old neighborhood (them and Ms. Angie/Ms. Mur Mur!)  Here is Olivia wearing John's hat - doesn't she look cute??