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Watch Owen Houston Nelson Grow!

Watch Olivia Rose Grow!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Owen's Birthday Party

We had a wonderful time seeing everyone come visit for Owen's party.  He is definately a well-loved little boy!  Here he is riding his new rocking horse that I stained/painted for him for his birthday:


Here's Grandma, Uncle Sean and 'Aunt' Shari:

Dad brought his corn-hole game and the guys spent almost the entire party out there playing it:

The swingset got another good workout with all the kids:

Here is everyone singing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy:
We had a dinosaur party for him, so - of course - I had to make him a cool dinosaur cake.  My mom helped (as usual):

I also made some dinosaur cupcakes for the kids - ones that even Owen could eat!

Then it was present - time:

We were surrounded  . . .

My parents got him a doggy ride-on toy that he LOVES.  Check him out:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Owen - Love Mommy!

Happy Birthday my sweet Owen!  You have been such a joy!  You are the happiest, most laid back, good mannered little man and I am so lucky to be your Mommy!  It has been a joy to watch you become your own person.  You have such a warm, sweet personality that everyone around you is drawn to you.  I smile every time I look at you and am so grateful to have you in our lives.  You have the most wonderful big sister, too.  She loves you dearly and loves to play with you and never is upset to share her toys with you.   You always light up around her, as well - even when she is giving you a tackle hug or kiss!

I cannot wait to see you continue to grow into the big boy you are becoming and see your personality continue to develop.  I love that you are my little man and it is always flattering when you walk over to me with your arms outstretched to give me a big cuddle! 

I love you so much!
 - Mommy

Owen's Birthday

Owen's birthday was on a thursday, so Grant and I stayed home with him that morning to give him his presents from us (and Liv).  He wasn't so sure about how to open them in the beginning, but Liv was there to help!

Here he is trying to figure it out:

Now he's starting to get the hang of it:

Here's big sister helping him again:

My Aunt Sue came down from Rhode Island for his birthday and I went to pick her up around lunch (and Grant took the kids to school).  After I picked her up and we got some lunch - it was off to school for Owen's class party for him with cupcakes in tow (and, of course, a special one for him that he could have).  Here he is celebrating with his class - all of them LOVED the cupcakes - especially Owen:


One of the presents we got him was a tunnel.  Here is a video of them playing with it:


Here is a fun picture of him in the tunnel:


Early September Update

Not a lot to Post here for the beginning of September.  Just a couple pictures and a couple videos.  Here is Owen drinking his milk watching some TV in thepbumbo seat:

Little Liv in the morning:

Here is Owen running around with the walker. He can steer it now and him and Liv love to chase each other around the house:

 Here is Owen taking some more steps and you can hear him saying one of his first words "Cat"

Late August Update

Here is a video of Olivia dancing around for everyone.  We were watching a dance show on TV and she was inspired:
At the end of last month, we went to one of Olivia's friends birthday party - a princess dress up party!!  Here is a cute picture of her in the car on the way there in her princess dress:
The royal lunch:

All of the princesses:

Here is a tuckered out little man:

Yummy pasta:

Some goofy self portraits:

Here is Owen dancing along to the music:
The next 2 videos are actually one video I had to split in order to upload it because it was too long.  It is Olivia saying the pledge of Allegiance then going right into the Grant Old Flag song.  I split the video between the two.  She learned all of this at school without us even knowing about it until she just starting singing the whole thing.  We were very impressed!  Check it out:
Here is Olivia singing We Will Rock You (one of her favorite songs):


Here is Owen taking some of his first steps.  He is really working hard on walking and can get about half way accross the room now before crashing.

Late July - Early August Update

At the end of July, my grandparents came down from Rhode Island to see us and meet Owen.  It was really nice to see them here for a couple days (although their dog wasn't such a big hit with the cats or with Owen).  Oh well, we still enjoyed having Grandma Betty and Grandpa Larry here.  Here is a picture of them with the kids:
Here is a video of Owen waving his little arm off at us.  It is a little dark, but very cute:
Playing with daddy:
I think that little boys must just be born knowing exactly what to do with cars and trucks.  Owen just automatically started pushing the match box cars around the house and Olivia joined in.  There is also a video of him pushing his truck around.
On as side note, Owen was beginning to say a couple words.  He had said Mama several times (though he won't say it anymore) and learned to say "Uh Oh" correctly.  So anytime he pushed his walker into the wall or dropped something, you would hear "uh ooooh"  Too cute!

Here is the little guy clapping away:


Just some pictures I thought were cute:

Olivia got a princess bicycle for her birthday and has a lot of fun learning to ride it.  Here she is on one of her fist good attempts where she did a great job:

Beach Trip - Day 4

On the 4th day (our last day), we had a little time in the pool and the ocean before it was time to pack up :(
Here are the kids enjoying one last dip in the pool:

Then we tried out the beach for a bit.  Olivia has always loved the beach and the ocean. 

However, Owen was not a big fan AT ALL:

Poor baby: