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Friday, May 27, 2011


Olivia just graduated from her swim class with her friends Masyn and Logan. This is her 3rd year doing it and she is still a water bug! Grant was able to come to the second to last class (it is 6-weeks) and took some cute pictures and videos for you all to see:

She LOVES the water and is always one of the best "swimmers" in the class! She is getting really good at kicking, paddling/digging and blowing bubbles in the water. She is also really good at monkey walking down the side of the pool (in case they fall in and need to get to some stairs or something) and can even climb out all by herself! Here are some videos of her from class:

By the way, little man is kicking my bladder repeatedly while I type this! ugh! I think I need a potty break! :)

That's about all that is going on here right now. We are also preparing for Olivia's 3rd birthday party. We are having it in a couple weekends at one of the local bouncy places (where the kids jump around on the inflatable stuff). She is so excited to see all her friends and go jumping. We are doing a Minnie Mouse theme for her party. I guess I need to start getting everything together for that . . . after we finish with the house this weekend!

Baby Boy Update

I went to the doctor the other day and baby boy and mama are doing well. His heartbeat was in the 150 range. He is definitely a mover and a shaker! He is always moving around and kicking me! He has already found my bladder, too! Not a fan of that, but you take the good with the bad! I have gained about 4 pounds at this point - not a lot, but we've been pretty busy and chasing Olivia around keeps me fit! ha ha!

We have picked out his bedding/room theme and gotten his room painted. His bedding is called Team Safari from Babies-r-us. It is really cute. It has little jungle animals playing sports! I get my cute jungle animals and Grant gets his sport theme! Win win! (now to just come up with a name . . . )

Here is a picture of the bedding. We already got the 6-piece bedding set, but none of the accessories. We just wanted to get it to pick out the room color. Here is a picture of the room colors. We had a chair rail put in and painted the bottom half tan and the top a light green. It looks really good!

We have ordered a "big girl" furniture set for Olivia for her birth day (with a big girl bed!!) and as soon as that comes in, we can move the crib and dresser out of her room and into the little guy's room. (She is using the crib converted to a toddler bed right now).

Here is a picture of my belly from about a week or so ago (at 21 weeks):

Street Fair and Bubbles

A couple weekends ago (ok, more like a month ago - yes, I have been a bad, bad blogger lately! In my defense, we are trying to get the house ready to put on the market - maybe even next weekend - so I have been VERY busy!) Anyway, a couple weekends ago we went up to see Grant/Daddy in a street fair thing up in Wake Forest. He had a booth for his clinic along with lots of other local businesses and some of the local police/fire etc. We met Randy, Sara and Gracie up there, too.

Here are the girls checking out the ambulance:

Then they had to check out the fire truck:

And not to leave the police out, we stopped by their booth and got some goodies from them - including these handcuffs! The girls thought they we hilarious!

A couple weekends ago we went to Lenoir for the night and hung out at the Nelson house. Grant got to go fishing with his dad and Susan and I (with Olivia) got to do some much needed shopping for the little baby boy! Poor guy is going to be wearing Olivia's old pink stuff if I don't get on the ball! ha ha! We got him a bunch of really cute clothes and stuff. We still need lots more, but we got a good start!

Then last weekend, my parents came up to visit. Dad and our realtor, Nikki, helped us make a "to do" list to finish getting the house ready to put on the market. I have been working my tail off (sometimes overdoing it a bit!) working on it in my down time. We are getting really close! This weekend we are going to work some more and finish off our list and hope to be able to put it on the market by next weekend! Wish us luck!

We also went up to Wake Forest to check out a house that we saw come across our listing emails from Nikki that we thought was gorgeous! And it is!!! It is definitely at the top , of our budget, but we may be able to get a good deal on it in this economy. It has already been reduced once! Now we just need to get our house on the market and check out some other houses - just to make sure we have seen enough before we make any big decisions and we'll go from there!

Last weekend Grant took Olivia outside for a bit to blow some bubbles. She LOVES bubbles! Here are some pictures and videos from that:

Stopping to say hello to Ms. Angie and Ms. Mur Mur!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Snaps, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

We had our "BIG" sonogram yesterday morning (sorry it took me so long to post - had to hook up my scanner). From the blog title, you can guess (that is if you haven't already heard from us) that it is a BOY! OMG! Yep, we both thought it was going to be a boy (as did most of you that voted), but for some reason I am still in shock! I'm so used to the idea of a girl from Olivia, that I'm not sure what to do with a boy at this point. It just seems so foreign. But we are thrilled and really excited to bring our little baby boy into this world! Now we just have to figure out what to call him! We have our work cut out for us on that front - we are both clueless with boy names (but we already had a 2nd girls name picked out from when we had Olivia!). So, we'll do some heavy thinking and figure it out and get back to you all. It is important for me to come up with a name sooner than later so I can start calling him by his name to help me to bond better with him. So, hopefully it won't be that much longer until we figure it out!

So, onto telling you all about the appointment. As always, it was amazing to see the little one/guy on the screen. He was perfect! Everything was great with his stats, his heart, brain, spine etc. He is measuring at about 9oz and has a great heartbeat - about 155 beats per minute. Even better, my placenta has decided to behave this time and attach higher up - so NO placenta previa this time. Meaning, no restrictions and scary threats! My blood pressure, iron and overall health was good. Still haven't gained more than maybe a pound, but the doc says that's fine and more typical with a second child since you are always running after the first one!

I'll need to post some more pictures of me to show you the belly that I am developing - definitely looking prego now - there's no denying it! ha ha! Ok, so onto the good stuff - here are the pictures of our little man:

The first one is obviously his head and torso:

The next one is a good profile showing him flexing his big muscles!

This is one of my favorites. Look at his cute little feet!

This one is a little harder to see. It is his face. If you lean your head to the right you can see the 2 dark spots for his eyes and one for his nose.

Then the definitive "boy" shot! Yep, they didn't even have to "tell" us he was a boy! As they were looking around and we were watching the screen - I pointed and asked - "Is that a boy????" and the sonogram tech looked up and said - yep, definitely!

So, we are in the process of trying to clear some space for the little man and also fix our house up to try to put up for sale to move up to Wake Forest. So, things are quite busy around here. We have his room almost cleared out now. Our handy man will be here next week to start helping us fix up the house and we are going to have him paint the new baby's room (just in case we are still here when he comes). Now we just have to figure out what color! I also need to order Olivia's "Big Girl" bed and furniture for her - that will be her birthday present (besides, we need the crib back that she is using as a toddler bed). So, lots of changes and moving stuff around!

I don't have another appointment for 4 weeks (it is actually on my birthday - June 2nd). So, I'll give you guys another update on baby after that. In the mean time, I'll keep you posted on how we are all doing and how little Olivia is doing.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Movements

I forgot to mention in my last entry that the little one is definitely making his (or her) presence known now! I felt a couple little flutters about a month ago, but on April 17th (while we were at Chad and Becca's for Emma's party), the little one was apparently practicing his/her soccer moves! It may have had something to do with the coke I was drinking - but it was nice to feel that again! Now he/she kicks me pretty good almost every day. Grant even got to feel a whopper of a kick this past weekend!

Only 2 more days until we find out what our little one is! We cannot wait! So far the poll is showing an overwhelming vote for a boy! We'll just have to see if you all are right! :)