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Watch Owen Houston Nelson Grow!

Watch Olivia Rose Grow!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hillridge Farms

Last weekend we also went to Hillridge Farms with my parents.  We go every year and Olivia always has a good time.  Here she is bouncing in one of the bounce houses:

Then she hit the little playground to head down the slide and ride the swings for a bit:

Then through the maze with Daddy:

 This year they had a new pillow bouncer thing that Olivia LOVED!

Here she is riding the train with mommy and daddy:

Then she went down the big tunnel slide with daddy and she even made Papa go down after them! Grant even took a video of them going down:

Then she went check out the Teepee and they were apparently trying to make fire in there!  Check out the video:

She wanted to get her face painted while we were there and wanted them to do the same "happy spider" that was on her shirt. They did a pretty good job! Too bad it only lasted for a short time before she smeared it all over her face and hands!

Here she is riding the train with Grandma and Papa:

Duck Races:

The corn pit:

Then we got to ride the hay ride over to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.  Here is a family shot from the hay ride:

And one from the pumpkin patch:

Then we had Owen do some modeling for everyone - Lol!

We had a great time with her, but she was pretty zonked by the time we left!  She passed right out in the car almost as soon as we got to it! 

House Update - October 22nd

We went up to check on the house last weekend with my parents and they had made even more progress.  They had the stair rails up:

 They also had a lot of the trim work done.  Here are the built ins in the family room:

Here is a shot of the kitchen.  They were in the process of spackaling the walls while we were there, so we assume they are about to paint.  That would be why everything was covered in plastic wrap:

Here is our bathroom counter in the master:

 Our closet:

Here is some really nice trim work in the foyer looking into the dining room.  They also had the chair rail and trim work done in the dining room:

Hanging out at home

Here are some pictures of Owen just hanging out around the house.

Here he is doing some tummy time. He wasn't a big fan of it and actually rolled back over onto his stomach the first time I put him on his tummy, but couldn't do it again for the camera. He is showing off his cute guitar pants, though!

This weekend my parents came up and visited with us. Here is Grandma and the little ones - sorry that she looks so serious - we'll try to get her to smile next time! :)

Dad had gotten Olivia a soccer ball.  Here they are playing in the back yard:

We decided that dance class wasn't right for Olivia right now. She's a little too young, but more so, she's too high energy to stand still and tap her toes right now. So after giving it a good try, we pulled her out of it. She'll probably enjoy soccer much more - she'll get to run around and use some of her energy. Dad has already found us a soccer league near our new house to look into after we move!

House Update - October 16th

When we went to the house that weekend they had made quite a bit of progress.  The biggest change was that they had installed the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Here is the kitchen  (looking from the family room side with the island at the bottom of the picture):

Here is the side of the kitchen - where the refrigerator will be:

Here's a bigger shot of the kitchen area with the island:

They also had the hardwood floors and tile in!  The hardwoods haven't been stained yet, but were all in.  So the floors were all in except for the carpet areas.

They even had the stairs in:

Here is the tile for our master bathroom and the cabinets for our sinks:

Here is the kids bathroom tile:

Here is the tile in the spare bedroom bathroom:

 Here is the laundry room tile:

Here is just another picture of the front of the house:

And for fun, here are a couple videos of Owen just hanging out:

NC State Fair

A couple weekends ago (on the 16th), Grant took Olivia to the NC State Fair with Randy, Sara and Gracie (I stayed home with little Owen). They had a great time and had some good food! (Fortunately no one got sick with E-Coli!! Thank goodness!).
Here are the little ones walking into the fair:

Here they are riding a fire truck ride:

Going to check out all the produce - especially all the HUGE pumpkins:

Riding the merry go round:

Riding the swings with Daddy:

My little Pumpkin:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 15th Update

I am doing my best to catch up on the blogging, but was having some Internet issues with trying to upload the pictures and videos - sorry about that!  Also, poor little needy Owen wants me to hold him all the time and it is very difficult to get much done with one hand!  I have had a pretty long to do list with the closing of our new home coming up (Set for December 14th!  Yeah!), so I have been focusing on that lately.  In fact, I am meeting with our lender this afternoon to lock in our rates and get the final paperwork in.  Now we just need to find a new buyer for our current house!

Anyway, here are some pictures of his 2nd bath.  Olivia was around to help and he seemed to enjoy it much more this time.  And since then, he has enjoyed the baths a lot more.

Here are just some pictures of us hanging around the house.  What a cutie he is!!!

Olivia LOVES to hold him and give him lots of kisses and hugs constantly!  She is a great big sister, we just need to watch that she isn't too rough with him and try to minimize the kisses and hugs while he is sleeping - she has woken him up many times! lol!

Here is a pretty funny video of Olivia dancing while Daddy plays guitar: