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Friday, January 6, 2012

Update on Owen from Mid-December

Here are some cute pictures and videos of Owen from mid-December.  He is becoming quite the little charmer!   Every time anyone comes and talks to him, he gives them a huge smile - especially if they smile at him.  He really has just the best disposition.  He just goes with the flow and is really laid back (even when Olivia is *loving* all over him).  Here are some pictures and videos:

Disney Princesses on Ice

We took Olivia to the Disney Princesses On Ice as a special treat for being such a great big sister.  We kept it a big surprise and she didn't find out until we were there.  It was a lot of fun to see her enjoy it so much and was actually pretty entertaining for us!

Pictures with the cousins

Every year we get pictures taken with Olivia and her cousin(s) - we seem to add one to the picture every year - this year we added Owen.  Becca and I met in the middle - in Greensboro area - with the kids and had the pictures done.  It was a bit of a test of our patience, but the pictures came out pretty good.  They even give you the disc with all the pictures (even the ones you don't buy) if you get so many.  So here are the cutest ones of Owen and Olivia:

Going to see Santa

Back in early December (while my Aunt was still here), we took the kids to see Santa.  *They* (ok, Olivia) were very excited.  Here they are dressed and ready to go:

We didn't tell Olivia where we were going before we got there.   Here we are telling her what was going on:

Some family shots:

Here is their picture with Santa.  He did fantastic with them.  He really took his time with the kids and spoke to Olivia and Owen a good 5 minutes after the picture was taken. 

Catch up

Hello everyone!  We are moved and somewhat settled in at our new house now.  It has been a while since my last post, but life has been busy with the move and the holidays and we did not have internet for a while after the move - so let me catch you all up.  Let me start back where we left off from early December.

The house was coming along really well.  This post will catch you up through December 6th.  At this point, they had gotten the garage doors on - which looked great, unfortunately, this meant we were no longer able to get inside to peek at the progress (the key was hidden in the electrical box inside the garage!).  This was the second time my Aunt Sue was in town and was trying to come see the house and was out of luck (the first being at thanksgiving when they were staining the floors).  This time she was nice enough to come and help me get the house packed up!  How awesome was that! :)  Thanks, Aunt Sue! 

Here are a BUNCH of videos of Owen and some of Liv from the first week of December.  Owen is hanging out smiling and working on cooing and talking and Liv is being her her funny self:

Family tummy time:

Sleepy baby: