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Monday, October 29, 2007

Morning Sickness SUCKS!!!

Ok, so for the past week and a half I have been having morning sickness - only it's not JUST the mornings - is all freaking day! ugh! I constantly have this ache in the pit of my stomach, sometimes eating helps and sometimes it makes it worse! I keep feeling like I'm going to toss my cookies at any moment! Apparently you are supposed to not let your stomach get empty or FULL! I have not mastered this yet. The problem is, when you need to eat is when you feel icky and you don't want to eat! Then when you force yourself to eat, if you eat too much - it is worse! Ok, so a lot of ranting in this one, sorry, but I'm feeling icky. I hope this doesn't last too long - only another 3-4 weeks of this crap . . . I hope!

Well, our first doctor's appt (actually only with the OB Coordinator) is this thursday so they'll probably just take half of my blood and give me some info. We'll get to schedule our first ultrasound, though! I'll keep ya posted on that one! :) til then, wish me luck figuring out all this "morning" sickness stuff!

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