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Monday, April 25, 2011

Emma's Party and Easter in Huntersville

Last weekend (the weekend before Easter) we went to Huntersville to celebrate Emma's 1st Birthday! We also got to celebrate Easter a little early with the family! We spent Saturday with my family celebrating an early Easter with a nice meal and an Easter Egg hunt in my parent's very landscaped (i.e. tricky for egg hunting) back yard. This was Olivia's first real Easter Egg hunt and she did really well. She had a ton of fun running around (in her boots!) looking for eggs.


Later, she got into the dress-up clothes and had fun trying EVERYTHING on!

Sunday we went to Chad and Becca's house for Emma's 1st Birthday party. It was just the family, but a lot of fun! Becca made a ladybug pinata for the kids to whack. Drew was definitely better at it than Olivia, but she got a couple whacks in, too! (So did Daddy!)

Then we did another Easter Egg Hunt in their yard with the kids.

Even Emma got into it!

We took a break to do some family photos:

We even caught the kids altogether (in between stuffing candy in their mouths!) I think Olivia is still chewing in this picture.

Then it was time for some ladybug cake. Emma really enjoyed all the red frosting!

After all of that, we got to hang out in the backyard for some fun. Olivia even got her first baseball lesson. She still needs a lot of work, but we'll get there!

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