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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dancing Quee . . . . errr . . .Princess!

Hello again! Well, Olivia and I have a cold again! ugh! I'm not sure if we will ever all be healthy for more than a day at a time. They say that babies spend 3 out of 4 weeks a month sick with a cold (on average) - well, that's about right in our household!

Anyway, I went to visit my friend, Jennifer, and her new 6-week old baby, Reese the other day. I can't believe how tiny she is! I can't even remember Olivia being that small. awwww - here they are. Isn't she cute??

We also had another snow (only 3 inches this time), but enough to close the schools and shut the city of Raleigh down . . . again! We didn't take Olivia out in it this time because she was still getting over that stomach bug. But since the schools were closed, we wound up watching our little neighbor, Alyssa, since her parents had to go to work. Here is Alyssa and Olivia hanging out.

Grant even went out and played in the snow with Alyssa for a little bit. Aren't they cute in their little snow-suits??

Ok, so aside from the snow and the colds, Olivia has become quite the funny little girl lately. She is back to sticking out her tongue randomly and now she is really into making raspberries. Here is a funny video of her showing off her new skill:

I also wanted to get some cute pictures of her showing off her two little teeth now that they've come all the way in. Here are 3 that I just couldn't decide between, so I am posting them all:

Here she is in her cool Osh-Kosh overalls. They are girly overalls with pink stitching - how cool! I also wanted to see how she looked with one of her little head bands on that were given to us at one of our showers. Isn't it so girly??

Look at those little overalls!!

Here she is visiting with Granddad Alan. He and Grandmom Susan came to visit this past weekend to see Olivia (and us too . . . I think! ha ha)

Ok, now for the funniest new talent Olivia has learned. She is definitely her daddy's little girl - she LOVES music and always lights up when she hears it. Especially guitar music. The ladies at daycare get so tickled with her when she hears music. She just starts dancing now whenever she hears music. It is so funny. Even if she is sitting down or kneeling - she'll just wiggle around to the music. It is so cute! Here's a video of her having a ball.

Check out this belly. She has such a great figure, we are going to have to keep the boys away with a bat! ha ha

Here she is having another guitar lesson with daddy. She really wants to help him play and learn how to do it herself.
And here is one more video of her dancing to daddy playing and singing to her. He did want me to put a stipulation that his guitar is out of tune - so don't judge his guitar playing by this video. I mean, who's going to care about his guitar playing once they check out the great dance moves that Olivia is exhibiting. ha ha - go Olivia!

Well, that's about all that's been going on around here. We're just enjoying our little one and working. Grant's new practice is now open for business and they are just finishing up the final details with the decor and computer stuff. Now they just need to go out and market up some business. I'm studying to take a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification exam (it's a 4-hour exam) at the end of the month. So when we aren't home hanging out with the little one, that's what we're doing. Take care and we'll keep you all informed with any new fun stuff that Olivia is up to.

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Kiwi Lexie said...

OH my gosh!! Look at that little toosh of hers move! :) So cute!