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Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Emma is Here!

Ok, so this past weekend we headed to the Charlotte area for a couple reasons. 1) Grant had a work conference all day on Saturday down there and 2) (most importantly!) Baby Emma arrived! Becca had a planned C-Section on Friday (April 16th). All went well and pretty quick (MUCH better than Beccas' delivery of Drew).

Emma Claire arrived at 7:55am on April 16, 2010. She was 7 lb 12 oz and 20 " long. She looks a LOT like Drew, but with a head full of dark hair. She is so sweet and little!

Here are some pictures that Becca sent us from her arrival:

The Happy new family of FOUR!

We drove down on Friday after Olivia's swim class and after Grant got home from work. Olivia is really having fun with her swim classes again this year. But what a difference a year can make. Now I really have to watch her. She can climb out of the pool all by herself (as long as she can get to the edge) then she LOVES to *jump* (more like run into) into the pool immediately! I wish I had a video to show you guys! She climbs out, stands up, raises both arms so her hands are above her head then either walks or runs straight back into the pool without even looking down! She caught me by surprise a couple times.
I'm glad she's so comfortable with the water and even going under water, but we have to make sure that she doesn't do that when no one is there to catch her. The instructor had me work on counting to 3 and not letting her jump in until I say "three" - by the end of class, she was actually waiting for me! We'll see if she remembers at our next class in 2 weeks (we skip next weekend).
Anyway, we didn't get to Huntersville until about 10:30 at night. We stayed at Chad and Becca's house to watch Drew overnight (though he was asleep when we got there and Chad came back in the morning before he woke up). That way, Chad could stay overnight at the hospital with Becca and Emma. (Susan was going to stay on Saturday night so we could head back home that evening).
Here are the kids hanging out in the morning (yes, I know Olivia's jammies don't match - she wound up with some wet pants when we got there the night before from her diaper leaking - didn't want to do a full wardrobe change)
On Saturday, my mom picked Olivia and I up after everyone else had left and we hung out for the day. Then when Grant got done with his class/conference, we stopped back by Chad's for him to change - then we were FINALLY able to see the new little baby!
Here's Olivia with Emma:

We even managed to get a picture of all 3 cousins hanging out:

We had some dinner before we left town then headed home. We got home and put Olivia right to bed as it was past her bedtime and she'd been passed out in the car. Then my dad, brother and his girlfriend, Cori got home from dinner. They were staying at our house Saturday night because they were in the state bowling tournament this weekend in Raleigh. So, we hung out with them on Sunday.
What a weekend - filled with lots of Family! It was great to see everyone and also very tiring! Next weekend is our 7th anniversary and we are going to a nice little cabin for a long weekend. My mom is coming up Friday morning to watch Olivia for us and my dad is joining her sometime on Saturday. We are both looking forward to getting away from work for a bit and take a break.

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