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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy 7th Anniversary!

Hello everyone! Well, Grant and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this Monday and we took our first vacation together since having Olivia! We went to Leatherwood Mountain (near Boone, NC). It is a beautiful area that has a horse farm/ranch with about 5000 acres, 125 cabins (some homes and some rentals), some fishing ponds and TONS of trails. We had a great time and really enjoyed the time away (Thanks mom and dad for watching Olivia for us!). But we missed Olivia and we swear she grew some while we were gone!

We stopped at the Raffaldini Vineyard on our way up there and had lunch. It was a really pretty winery where they actually have their vineyard on site! Very cool! Here's a picture of the winery:

Here are some pictures from our trip. Our cabin was called "Creekside" because it was next to a creek. Here's Grant *trying* to fish out of the creek:

He had no luck in the creek, but went to the ponds on site a couple times and had some better luck! On Saturday (our trip was from Friday-Monday) we went on an hour-long horseback riding trail. It was a lot of fun and our horses (especially mine) had quite the personalities! The trail rides are usually about 8 people, but we were the only two that signed up that day so it was just us and the lady who took us, Cindy. Our two horses usually were the last 2 in the line on the rides so Cindy wasn't usually able to see them much on the rides. Well, as it turns out - they were the class clowns of the group. My horse refused to stay on the trail and kept trying to wander off with another group of people riding horses. His name was Ringo! (ha ha!), Grant's horse was Joey and Cindy's was Pork Chop! How funny!

On Sunday we decided to take a short 1 to 1 1/2 hour hike on some of the trails. We had picked out a nice little loop of trails. Well . . . let's just say we must have taken a wrong turn because after about 4 hours and VERY sore knees, we FINALLY got back to the car. We were on the same trail (that looked VERY short on the map) for several hours! and we kept passing trails that weren't even on our map! When we got back to the cabin, we found another map (that meets up to the one we had) and realized what we had done, we wound up doing a loop about 5 times the size of the one we meant to do! We estimated that it had to be 8-10 miles long! Holy Cow! We were exhausted! We both wound up passing out in the family room when we got back! I am still sore from it!

pretty view on our hike

Here are some pictures from around our cabin. It was such a nice location. Here's the creek right behind our cabin:

You can see the hot tub in this picture (off on the right):

Here's the front of the cabin:

Here's a short video so you can see the whole front of the area:

and check out this bathroom! It was really cool! There's a jacuzzi and a rain shower with no walls around it! It was just open to the room with all windows surrounding the bathroom! It was so deep into the woods that it was private - but you were definitely *one with nature* when you were showering!

That's about it for now. I would HIGHLY recommend this as a trip for a get-away! The cabin was beautiful (the other one these people own is at the top of the mountain, Viewpoint , and had a beautiful view! We went and checked it out, too! It was definitely and good trip and we had a good time (except maybe for the last hour or two of our hike! ha ha).

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Kiwi Lexie said...

Hey guys!! Happy Anniversary by the way!! Where are ya? Give me a call...I'm back and want to see ya! :)