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Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!

So, after The Little Gym on Saturday, we went to surprise our mom's for Mother's Day and give them their gifts. We left straight from the gym. Olivia usually wears herself out at the gym and this was no exception. Here she is when we first got into the car. She was asleep within about 15 minutes of us leaving.

We went to my parent's house first and surprised my mom. They had been gardening all morning and dad was trying to finish up in time for us to get there without spoiling the surprise. So when Mom kept wanting to do more and more stuff, he was hustling to get it all done in time. But they were finished when we got there and she was very happy to see us. Olivia didn't even want to leave when it was time to go. Grandma has lots of fun toys to play with!

Here are a couple pictures of my family with Olivia. I couldn't get one of them all looking.

For once, Mom's eyes were OPEN, but Dad's were closed! ha ha

Then later that afternoon, we went over to Chad and Becca's house to see them and Grandmom and Granddad. Not so much of a surprise for them, but it was good to see everyone. We all went to dinner and got to hang out. We also got to see baby Emma again! She's so little and cute!

Olivia and Drew had a lot of fun playing together. So much so, that I couldn't get a picture that wasn't blurry - they were running around too much!

Here they are giving each other a very quick hug:

Here is sweet little Emma:

Here is a picture of the guys with Drew and Olivia. Unfortunately Olivia's eyes are closed in this picture, but at least she is smiling!

Even Granddad got to hang out with Olivia. She's always been a bit hesitant with him, but she climbed right up into his lap! She even stayed there for a while with Drew and Granddad.

We headed back home that night so I could enjoy a nice quiet Mother's Day at home. It was a very busy Saturday, but very nice to see everyone.

For my Mother's Day, I got to sleep in and even got made some yummy pancakes! It was a nice relaxing day and I enjoyed it.

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