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Friday, May 14, 2010

Miniature Golf

We decided to go try taking Olivia to play miniature golf on Mother's Day afternoon since it was so nice out. Let's just say that she's no Tiger yet, but she understood to put the ball in the hole!

We had fun playing golf. At the golf place, there was a snow cone/ice cream stand. We *attempted* to let Olivia have a snow cone! I say *attempted* because she wouldn't let us help her and she dropped the first one on the ground, then we got her another one and . .. yeah . . . let's just say - she's not ready for solo snow cone eating yet! ha ha!

Before I end this post I wanted to tell you about another funny little thing Olivia has picked up. The other night she was behind our chairs in our family room and she was acting like she was stuck. So I asked her if she was stuck and she told me "No, I'm fine" - how funny! Grant and I just looked at each other like, where in the world did that come from! She'll say it from time to time now and we just laugh! How funny! She has been trying so hard to repeat everything and talk in full sentences. She tries to explain things to us and half the time we cannot understand what she is saying at all! But she's trying so hard and she'd getting much better at letting us know what she is talking about!

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