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Friday, February 11, 2011

Still Just Hanging Out

There hasn't been a lot going on for us lately. Mostly just hanging out and doing the usual stuff. Olivia's favorite thing right now is playing with her tent and hiding in it. I say "hiding" loosely since she tells you she's going to go hide beforehand and runs right into it in front of you. Sometimes she even just tells us that she's going to go in her tent to hide and tells us to come find her. If we "pretend" we don't know where she is and ask her where she is - she'll yell out "I'm in the tent" - yeah, we need to work on the "hiding" thing! But it is cute!

She has also been pretty obsessed with the Big Bad Wolf lately. No matter where we are or what is going on, she tells us that the big bad wolf is going to come get us and he'll huff and puff and blow our house down. The other day he was going to come get us in the car and he apparently followed us up to Grant's office. We'll have to try to get it on video sometime, she will just get really quiet and look at us and whisper "the big bad wolf is coming - we better go hide!"

Here's a video of Olivia hanging out with her daddy last Saturday morning. Apparently she got stuck in her baby doll pack and play:

Here she is reading her new Dora book with Daddy. She loves pointing out Swiper and telling him not to swipe (you have to know the show to understand):

We did have some nice weather the other weekend and we took the opportunity to head to the park. It did get a little chilly out there, but we got a little bit of fun in first.

One of my Christmas presents from Grant was some REALLY good hockey tickets. They were front row right behind the goalie (2 seats from where the Zamboni comes in). We didn't win, but the seats were amazing. Here is a picture to show how close we were and a video of one of the goals we scored:

Here's the mark on the glass about a foot above my head where the puck hit one time. VERY LOUD! Thank goodness the glass was there!

Here is a video of us dancing and singing to one of Olivia's CD's:

That's all for this post. We'll try to get some more videos of her chattering away as she likes to do now and talking about the big bad wolf. I do have some other great videos I'll post in my next entry. Take care!

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