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Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Boy Update

I went to the doctor the other day and baby boy and mama are doing well. His heartbeat was in the 150 range. He is definitely a mover and a shaker! He is always moving around and kicking me! He has already found my bladder, too! Not a fan of that, but you take the good with the bad! I have gained about 4 pounds at this point - not a lot, but we've been pretty busy and chasing Olivia around keeps me fit! ha ha!

We have picked out his bedding/room theme and gotten his room painted. His bedding is called Team Safari from Babies-r-us. It is really cute. It has little jungle animals playing sports! I get my cute jungle animals and Grant gets his sport theme! Win win! (now to just come up with a name . . . )

Here is a picture of the bedding. We already got the 6-piece bedding set, but none of the accessories. We just wanted to get it to pick out the room color. Here is a picture of the room colors. We had a chair rail put in and painted the bottom half tan and the top a light green. It looks really good!

We have ordered a "big girl" furniture set for Olivia for her birth day (with a big girl bed!!) and as soon as that comes in, we can move the crib and dresser out of her room and into the little guy's room. (She is using the crib converted to a toddler bed right now).

Here is a picture of my belly from about a week or so ago (at 21 weeks):

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