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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mid March Update

Here are some more videos of Owen jumping.  This is one of his favorite things for the time.  Olivia loves to encourage him and jump along side of him.  She has been a wonderful big sister and really never has shown any jealousy toward him or any inclination to want to have us "give him back!"  In fact, when we ask her if we should keep him or take him back (jokingly, of course) she always says that she thinks we should keep him because he is so cute and she loves him!  So sweet!

Here are some videos of us playing with Owen and his bee toy.  He is giggling and having a pretty good time:

Just some cute pictures of the sleepy boys:

Here is Olivia heading off to school on Hats and Sunglasses day during spirit week at school:

Here are some pictures of Owen eating some solids for one of the first times.  Yummy Prunes - one of his favorites!!

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