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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Late August Update

Here is a video of Olivia dancing around for everyone.  We were watching a dance show on TV and she was inspired:
At the end of last month, we went to one of Olivia's friends birthday party - a princess dress up party!!  Here is a cute picture of her in the car on the way there in her princess dress:
The royal lunch:

All of the princesses:

Here is a tuckered out little man:

Yummy pasta:

Some goofy self portraits:

Here is Owen dancing along to the music:
The next 2 videos are actually one video I had to split in order to upload it because it was too long.  It is Olivia saying the pledge of Allegiance then going right into the Grant Old Flag song.  I split the video between the two.  She learned all of this at school without us even knowing about it until she just starting singing the whole thing.  We were very impressed!  Check it out:
Here is Olivia singing We Will Rock You (one of her favorite songs):


Here is Owen taking some of his first steps.  He is really working hard on walking and can get about half way accross the room now before crashing.

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