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Friday, November 23, 2007

Out in the Open. . . almost!

Ok, so we told my parents yesterday on Thanksgiving. My mom's birthday is Sunday so we gave her a card with one of the sonograms in it that read "Happy Birthday Grandma! Love, Baby Nelson" She did really good with keeping a straight face then handing the card to my dad and telling him that he would also enjoy it. Once he got his glasses on and opened it (unsuspecting!) he just had this "WOW" expression and was pretty excited. I wasn't feeling to great all day yesterday, so it was good to be able to explain why.

Shortly after that we called my family in Rhode Island one by one to tell them. They were all very excited. The only ones we didn't get to speak with early on was Aunt Darlene and Uncle Darryl. Grandma Betty had them call back when they got over there without telling them what was going on (since we always talk to everyone on the holidays). They had the best reaction! Uncle Darryl kept yelling "NO" and "Really" and then Aunt Darlene started yelling in the background. That was fun!

Now I have a couple friends to tell here in huntersville/charlotte area before we head back home and then to tell the boss! He'll be happy for me, but it will also cause a bit of a kink in a big project that I am supposed to do that just got moved back to start in April (instead of January) and it will be about a 5-month project. I guess that's not going to work too well with me in labor! We'll figure that out next week.

Next Appt: Ok, I have to schedule my next 2 doctor appts. at the end of the month when they get their January calender out. One will be the very beginning of January (maybe the 4th) for my Quad Screening. This is just bloodwork that will check for down syndrome and some other things. Then . . . a couple weeks later (probably the 18th) we'll get to have another sonogram and find out if it will be a boy or a girl! You'd better cast your votes on here before then! We'll see .. . . . .

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Grandpa to be again Brewer said...

Yep, you guys sure fooled me. Of course I was beginning to doubt this day would ever come. I made my vote and as you will probably guess I am voting for the next Boston Red Sox shortstop (well it may take a couple of years before he is ready).

Congrats and Love,