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Thursday, November 15, 2007

We had our 1st Sonogram!!!

So we had our first sonogram this afternoon and WOW! He/She's a wiggler! The little one was wiggling around the entire time. He/She looked like one of those dancing santas wiggling back and forth moving his arms!! It was VERY COOL and now maybe it is sinking in a little bit more!! Of course, Grant was there and thought it was very cool, also! We left there grinning like little kids at a carnival.

The sonogram determined that we are exactly 9 weeks today and our due date is still June 19, 2008!

Well, I guess we're REALLY having a little one and now there is proof! Here are all the pictures below. The best ones are the ones where he/she is looking right at the camera showing off her little fingers! Check them out!

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