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Watch Owen Houston Nelson Grow!

Watch Olivia Rose Grow!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Hello All! Well, something very exciting happened last night . . . Olivia laughed out loud for the first time! She has discovered her reflection in the mirror and last night Grant had her in front of the big bathroom mirror and was bringing her back and forth in front of the mirror and she was smiling really big . . . then out of nowhere, she just started laughing really loud! It was soooo cute. I ran and got my camera and we caught it on camera. (Sorry that this is sideways, I always forget that you have to keep the camera upright to take a video because you can't turn them) Anyway turn the sound up and listen to this:

Ok, so other than the new trick of laughing, she has been getting better at rolling onto her sides and grabbing her toys. We can even let her play by herself on a blanket for a little bit at a time now. She's getting better at entertaining herself now.

Aside from that, here are a couple more pictures for you all to see.

Isn't she cute sleeping on daddy??

Wearing her NC State sweatshirt - pulling for the Pack (YEAH, we beat ECU!!!)

Just Chillin' going for a ride!

Look at the little angel!


Sara and Randy said...

That laugh is contagious! How cute is she!?

Anonymous said...

That laugh is awesome. I'm glad to see she snores like her uncle too.


Sherry said...
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