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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Locks, Zoo and Hanging Out

Hello again. Ok, now that I've filled you in on all the drama - let me fill you in on the fun stuff we've done over the past couple weeks. First I have a little before & after for you. I had been growing my hair out for locks of love for a while now and it was getting pretty long. I liked it long, but it was too much to deal with sometimes. So I went ahead and took the plunge (or scissors, as the case may be) on Friday, the 8th.

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

I really like the hair cut - and was thankful to have it short and easy to deal with at the hospital.

Ok, enough about me - I know you all just read the blog to hear about the little one, so onto her. So that same Friday that I cut my hair off, my parents decided on an impromptu visit (my dad hurt his back and wanted to get Grant to look at it, and oh yeah, I think they might have wanted to hang out with the little one, too!). We had a nice quite visit with them Friday night and Saturday. We also had to make a trip to the little gym and to Masyn's 3rd Birthday party (which, they opted out for - I don't blame them). Now we have a ton of mickey mouse character silly bands from the party floating around our house and Olivia is becoming obsessed with them. lol.

Anyway, on Sunday we had planned to go to the zoo. So my parent went on home (dad wasn't up for all that walking with his back) and the 3 of us headed off to the zoo. (we have memberships, which I highly recommend - their cheap and it makes a great day trip). Here are some pictures and a video from our trip:

Lazy Polar Bear

This is where the buffalo and elk were hanging around
Align Center

In the center of the zoo (between Africa and North America), there is a little area with food, shops, a Dora 4D ride and a carousel. This is the first time we've actually had the time to stop in to try it all out. Olivia LOVED the carousel!!! She even picked the wolf (go wolfpack) to ride. I knew we were raising her right! lol

She also loved the Dora 4D show/ride. It was one of those 3D interactive movies where the seat moves, they blow air on you and sprinkle water on you. She even kept her glasses on the whole time. Here's some goofy pics of us with our cool 3D shades on:

After we finished the zoo, we headed to PF Changs to eat (my FAVORITE gluten free restaurant). Then went home to crash. What a long day - but lots of fun.
Here are just a couple more pics and videos from around the house. Olivia was very carefully setting up her chairs and putting her babies (and Mr. Wuf) on them - and Grant got her to make a cheese face for the camera:

Here she is riding her bike around the house like a mad woman. She loves her bike and even though she can't reach the petals yet, she's pretty fast. And we had just got our floors redone (no more carpet on the 1st floor), so she was loving it!

Here is a video of her trying to sing her ABC's. She can do much better than this video now, but it's all I've got to show at the moment. She shy's up in front of the camera. But she has been singing her ABC's, ring around the rosy, itsy bitsy spider and several other little songs a lot lately. She loves music and always starts trying to sing (or dance) to it when she hears it.

Well, that's all I've got for right now. I'll work on trying to catch her singing some more for you guys. Until next time - take care!

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