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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow and Trains

A couple weeks ago we got our first snow (flakes) of the year. Not much - but at one point it was coming down pretty hard. I was home with Olivia that day so we got our boots on and headed out - it had just about stopped coming down when we were out there, but we had a good time running around anyway. Here we are all bundled up:

Then on Saturday (the 11th), we got together with some great friends of our from college - Ralph and Sheetal. We met them and their little ones a little south of here to ride a real train and see Santa. The train ride is down and back - about 45 minutes round trip and was a lot of fun - but it was very cold that day and a bit rainy - so we were all bundled up for the trip. Olivia and the other kids had a great time and loved it when Santa and his elves came and brought them candy canes! It was great to see our friends again, too!

Here's Olivia's reaction when she spotted Santa on the train coming her way:

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