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Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Showers

Hey there everyone! Sorry it has taken me so long to blog about the showers, but this week has been quite busy for us! Anyway, this past weekend my mom had a shower for us on Saturday and my mother-in-law had a shower for us on Sunday! Wow, very busy - but lots of fun!
My mom's shower:
My mom and two of my friends from High School (they were also in my wedding), Leigh and Thuy, threw me a nice shower and we got a chance to see what the maximum capacity is for my mom's house! Wow, didn't think we could fit all those people in there.

Thanks Mom, Thuy and Leigh - the shower was wonderful!

(Also like to send a Thank You out to Monica, who works with my mom, for helping out so much with everything!)

My Aunt Sue and Uncle Paul flew down from Rhode Island to come to the shower (ok, my Aunt came to the shower, my Uncle came to play golf with the boys!). That was VERY nice of them and I enjoyed seeing them! I wanted to thank them for coming down, as well.

So, here are some great pictures from the shower:

Look at the cute lamb cake!

Here's me opening some gifts.

Kayla, my niece, got to help!

Here's the beautiful quilt that Diana made for Olivia!

Look at all the little clothes!

Olivia is really going to be doing a fashion show when she gets here!

Here's myself with Leigh, Thuy & Lana ("mini-Thuy")

My Mother-In-Law's Shower:

My mother-in-law, Becca (sister-in-law) and Sharon threw me a wonderful shower on Sunday and, again, we tried to max out the capacity of my mother-in-law's house! The shower went very well and it was really nice to see all of the family again. (especially all the little ones - wow they grow up quick!).

Thanks Susan, Becca and Sharon - the shower came out very nice!

Here are some great pictures from that shower:

Here's Ms. Sharon getting everything ready! She's become a pro at this sort of thing! Thanks for everything!

Here's the cute diaper cake that they got for me!

Here I am opening some gifts!

Here's the beautiful quilt that Pam Bowman made with Susan's help! It is gorgeous AND Pam made a bear, throw pillow and Olivia's first purse to match!

(Notice how 2 of the fabrics are the same as the quilt that Diana and My mom did! )

Here I am with Susan, Jill, Clyda and Amber! Great to see you all again!

Here we are at the end of a very FULL weekend! We made it!

We also got to get our bookshelf that Alan's friend made for us - and it is beautiful! It came out better than we expected and is almost too pretty to paint! I'll post pics once we do get it painted and up in the nursery. Thanks Ricky Watson!

On the road again! Wow, didn't think we'd fit everything in there!

And here is some of Olivia's fashion styles! She already has a full closet AND almost a full dresser! Wow, we have so many clothes, not sure what to do with all of them! - But she'll be adorable!

Now that's a lot of clothes!

Thanks everyone for having/coming to the showers! I really enjoyed seeing everyone and Olivia is definately going to be a VERY well dressed, spoiled little girl! :)

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