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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Awww Sugar, Sugar . . .

Ok, so I got a call this morning from my doctor's office - apparently my glucose test came out a little high. I am going to have to go and do the 3-hour (more intense) glucose screening on Monday. Apparently, they do this further screening if you are above 140 and I was 142! ugh! So, hopefully this is just a formality and won't result in me having gestational diabetes - the nurse said that I am probably fine, but they need to confirm that with the further testing. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

AND . . . I have no idea how this slipped my mind, but I forgot to set up the mobile the other day when I put all the bedding together. I mean, this is the cutest part!

Look at the cute little lambs:


Christine Johnson said...

smiling lambs, they need names!

clyda_bryson said...

I really love your nursery! Green is my favorite color! I can tell there has been a lot of planning & work & love put into it. Susan loves the adorable little lambies, I bet, and so do I! We'll be praying that you passed that last glucose test. Olivia looks fantastic on the sonagram pictures! Thanks for this web site.