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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Started Birthing Class

Ok, so Grant and I went to our first birthing class last night and NOW IT SEEMS MORE REAL!!! Wow, a lot of information - and a little bit scary. So, apparently we (I) not only have to figure out how to get this child out of my body, but then we have to know what to do with her once she's out!! No one told us this part!!! (ok, just kidding - we knew, but geez, I mean, isn't there a better way!?!?) Anyway, we really liked the lady teaching the class - she is very up front and isn't trying to sugar coat everything - but she isn't trying to scare us either. She is a former OB nurse (for 18 years) and is just trying to give us all the information as honestly as she can. Hopefully we will be better prepared for this whole "delivery" thing once we complete our classes. We have another class on Thursday night then Tuesday & Thursday next week. We also have some 'great' videos to watch for homework between now and then! yeah!

Ok, so what else is going on with us right now?? I went back to the doctor yesterday to have them look at my rib again since I am still getting that sharp pain and see what else we could try. Now they are trying me on Nexium for a week or two to see if maybe it is acid reflux - if it works, great! If not, then I'll be off to a GI specialist! fun! I did ask them about what to expect with my 36 week ultrasound - like what it means if my placenta doesn't move any more and how far it needs to move. She told me that since it isn't covering the cervix opening anymore, I am already good to try to attempt a natural birth (most likely), but the extra ultrasound is to get a better idea of where the placenta is so that during my delivery they will know if my placenta is still close so if I have extra bleeding - they can monitor it and possibly take me for a C-Section if it gets bad. So, looks like I will most likely be attempting the normal birthing experience!

I did find out that I have lost ~4 lbs since 2 weeks ago. Not sure how that happened, I haven't been sick. I think I've just been too busy running around to eat as much as I have been. It's not a big deal unless I keep losing weight. So, I'll just keep eating when I'm hungry and we can go from there.

On a very fun note - I have my first 2 showers this coming weekend! My mom is having a shower on Saturday and my mom-in-law is having one on Sunday! My aunt Sue and uncle Paul are flying in on Friday from Rhode Island - so my aunt can come to the shower. (dad, Grant, uncle Paul and Chad, are going golfing instead of hanging around with us ladies!) They are flying into Raleigh (much cheaper than Charlotte) and are going to come by and see the house/nursery when they get here - then we'll all go to my parents (about 2 1/2 hours from here). This weekend should be fun to see everyone - but I'm sure we will be very worn out by the end of it. AND our bookshelf is ready already! Yeah! That was REALLY quick! Susan said it looks really good - I'm excited to see it and get it painted for Olivia's room!

Well, that's about all for now. I'll write more next week after our showers. I'll see a lot of you this weekend, otherwise, take care and keep in touch!

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