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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Week 3

Hello everyone! Ok, so this was my second week alone with Olivia since Grant started back to work. I'm glad it was a short week for him (he's off today and tomorrow) because little Livy has decided that she doesn't like taking naps and pretty much wants to be held all of the time. This is fine (as she is very cute and I love holding her) but makes it very difficult to get anything done (i.e. shower, eat).

Anyway, not a whole lot going on this week except that we made a mold of her little feet on Tuesday night to remember how little she is. We also stamped them on a piece of paper. We weren't going to get the hands done that night as she wouldn't hardly tolerate what we did. So we'll attempt to do her hands tonight. And, of course, after all that fun we had to give her another sponge bath (as her cord was still attached). This was complete torture for her, her poor little teeth (ok, gums) were chattering. We wished we could have given her a real bath in her little bathtub but we couldn't get her cord wet.
Guess what, the cord fell off the next morning! ha ha

Here's the mold we made. I painted it today.

Aside from that fun, we also got our pictures back this week from Lundies Photography. I took some photos of it to show you all how cute they came out. Here ya go:

Here's that hands and feet collage that I have been trying to explain. It came out REALLY cute!

Here's a cute picture of Olivia with us holding her.

We also went for our first walk in the neighborhood with her stroller. I had been wanting to try out the stroller and get out of the house, but it has been way too hot for both of us! It went pretty well. She was confused and not really enjoying herself (i.e. crying) the first 5 minutes then fell asleep for the last 35 minutes or so. Hopefully we'll be able to go for a walk a couple times a week, if it's not too hot, for a change of pace and to get out of the house and get some exercise.

That's about all that's going on for now. But I do have some more pictures to share with you all from this week so that you can see how she is growing.

Here's Olivia and Daddy taking a nap

Here she is napping on Mommy

Cute Olivia with Grandmom

Still being cute!

And here is Mr. Chuck who has not been enjoying his new sister invading his home . . . yet!

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