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Friday, May 29, 2009

Wilmington Trip - Part I: The Beach

Hello all! So we had a fun (and LONG) trip to Wilmington this past weekend. It was so LONG that it will take me 2 blogs to catch you up on everything. There has been a lot going on since then, but I'll fill you all in on that later. First, let's talk about the beach!

So we left Saturday morning to head over to Wilmington so Olivia could see the beach for the first time and we wanted to check out the NC Aquarium (see Part II). We got there around lunchtime and were able to check into the hotel early and get some lunch then head to the beach. Finding parking was tough on the holiday weekend, but we did and we were off to the beach.

Look at her ready to go:

What is this stuff????

I Know what I should do with it . . .

I think she likes the sand:

Now let's see what she thinks about the water . . .

Here are some more pictures and videos of us hanging out at the beach. We had a good time.

Look at that silhouette!!

Not the best family shot - but the sun was in our eyes.

Well, all in all, she loved the beach. The water was a little cold - but she had fun running around on the beach (yes RUNNING!!) and playing in the sand and water. We didn't stay out there long, but long enough for her to get worn out . . .

Look at the poor little pooped out pumpkin! Well that was the end of day one at the beach. She is still not sleeping very well away from home - so, we'll need to work on that, but you all will need to see Part II to hear what happened on Sunday's part of the trip (that's when it got interesting!!!)
On a side note, Olivia is sick again! Yup AGAIN! She went to daycare on Tuesday and when I picked her up she felt really hot. So when I got her home I took her temp and she was running a 103.5 temperature!!! OMG!! I gave her some Tylenol and called the doctor and she said it was probably just a virus and since she had been eating ok and playing ok (according to daycare) it would probably pass in a day or so. So I stayed home with her on Wednesday. Well, the fever came down some but she refused all of her solid food and slept more than normal, but I just figured it was her just not feeling well. Then when she still had a pretty good fever on Thursday morning, I took her to the doctor - yup, her throat is all broken out. They tested her for strep and it came out negative. The doctor said it was most likely Hand, Foot and Mouth and that 1/3 of kids never get the rash on the feet and hands. To this point she only has one little blister on her hand, otherwise, it is just in her throat. So we are mostly just dealing with a sore throat and fussiness. So . . . I've missed most of the week of work, but at least Olivia is finally starting to feel better.
Also, I have finished her bear and he is ADORABLE! I will show you all pictures after I give him to her.

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