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Monday, March 31, 2008

Furniture & Bedding

Yeah, we've finally got the nursery done and ready to show off!! Once we confirmed again that Olivia is, in fact, a little girl - I washed the bedding and got it all up and in place today (as well as the curtains!) - well, ok, not COMPLETELY done, I still need to get a glider, hang SOMETHING on the walls and maybe get a little bookshelf - but you get the idea!

Anyway, here are the long awaited pics of the furniture and the bedding. The glider will go on the same wall as the dresser - on the window side.

I still need to hem the curtains a little, but I think the room looks fabulous! I'm so excited that it is finally looking like a nursery. Now it is going to seem much more REAL that we are having a baby - now that we have a CRIB!!! Oh my goodness!

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