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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Disney World - Day 8

So it was a sad, sad day . . . our last day at Disney World! We had a breakfast scheduled in Animal Kingdom - so we spent our last half-day there. We started out getting early to go check our bags for our flight (at our hotel - very convenient!), then had them stow our carry-ons for us, then we headed off to our early breakfast at the Tusker House with Donald, Mickey, Daisy and Goofy in their safari outfits:

After breakfast, we headed out to Rafiki Island since we had not been there yet. You take a train to get there and there are all sorts of things for the little kids to do there. We did a scavenger hunt when we first got there and saw some animals. Then went to the exhibitor area and met a couple more friends. Here she is with Rafiki himself (from the Lion King):

Then we met Jimminy Cricket! (While we were waiting in line, she found a poor unsuspecting older lady and talked her ear off! The lady did very understanding her 2-year old talk - she said she had a 2-year old granddaughter!). It was pretty funny!

They also had a little petting zoo. Here we are petting a goat that thought he was safe from us on top of that rock! Ha ha, little did he know!

When we got back to the main part of Animal Kingdom, we wanted to ride the safari ride one more time (and we had fast passes, so we *had* to!). Needless to say, Olivia didn't make it very far past the boarding area!

Then it was time to head back to our hotel to grab a quick lunch, pick up our carry-on bags and catch the Magic Bus back to the airport. It was an uneventful ride home until we got there and Grant's bag did not! The only time I have ever lost a bag flying has been the couple times I'm with Grant and it is ALWAYS his bag! He really doesn't have the best luck. The problem this time was it was filled with all our dirty clothes that I was planning on washing the next day(Sunday). They didn't bring it to us until 2am on Sunday night/Monday morning! Needless to say, the laundry didn't get done until much later in the week and we still haven't completely unpacked! We're just now recovering from going! ha ha!
Olivia and I did come back with a couple unwanted souvenirs, though! She caught a cold toward the end of our trip and gave it to me. I lost my voice most of the following week (last week) and we thought she was over it until this weekend. Saturday night we had another Croup incident and were very close to heading out to the ER again! Luckily the shower steam worked for the first time with her! Thank goodness!
She was doing pretty good by morning, but we still took her to the doctor's call in hours on Sunday morning to give her an oral steroid - just in case! Then last night (Sunday night), she spiked a low fever (99.4) and we gave her some Tylenol. About an hour later she came down soaked - the fever had broken, but she still wasn't feeling all that great. After some milk and more vapor rub, she went back down and woke up great this morning. I was going to keep her home, but she told me she was fine and wanted to go to Ms. Angie's! No more fever, so I let her - and let them know to call if there are any concerns or she starts not feeling better. But she really did wake up in a great mood! We'll see.
Anyway, it was a fantastic trip and I wanted to thank "Santa" for getting it for us. We have some great memories and some great pictures - I think this will be my next scrapbook since I finally finished Olivia's 1st year one!

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