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Thursday, January 10, 2008

17-week Update

Hey there everyone! I am 17 weeks along - today! Here are some more pics of my new figure by request:

SO, as you can see, I am starting to develop quite a little belly bump (as Grant calls it!). As far as everything else, I am doing pretty good - still getting quite a few headaches, but they are at least getting better. Grant is doing fine with his recovery, but did have a bit of an issue this weekend. He wound up with some kind of a wierd allergic reaction to something (who knows what) and his entire leg broke out into hives! So after antibiotics proved it wasn't an infection, he is now on Prednisone. So, hopefully this will kick it!

Our BIG appointment is first thing monday morning to find out if our little one is a little girl or a little boy. We are VERY excited and keep trying to make guesses to what he/she is! So get your votes in, the polls will close on Monday. We've already been online looking at baby bedding to start planning the nursery and think we have a good idea of what we like for a girl and a boy - now we just need to know which it is. I've also already been going through strollers, car seats, high chairs etc. to pick out what we will want to register for. You know me - got to have it all planned out! ;)

FYI - I think it is a girl and Grant isn't sure (but voted for a boy!)

So . . . we'll be posting our big news on Monday as soon as I get home to let everyone know the results. (of course, we will be calling our parents first thing!) Until then, let me know what your guesses are! :)

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