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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First little movements . . .

Ok, so I 'think' that I was feeling those little flutters the last week or so, and then last night - I definately felt some little pokes in my lower belly! Then again today! How cool! There really is something living in my belly and I can start to feel her now! I am so excited! Can't wait until Grant can feel her move, too!

So lately when I don't have a headache (which is becoming less and less) I really feel GREAT! Today I had a pretty good headache, just from eating lunch too late, but then once I ate and it went away, I felt really good. I think I finally know what the "pregnancy glow" is all about! I hope this part lasts awhile. I am getting really excited about our little one. Grant's family came up Monday for the afternoon and brought little Olivia a bunch of REALLY cute outfits! She is going to be the best dressed little infant! I can already tell that she is going to be adorable just from her sonagrams, anyway - and now she'll be even cuter with her little outfits!

The valance I ordered came in the mail yesterday and it is REALLY cute! I love the colors and fabrics. Now I just have to get Grant on his feet (both of them!) so we can work on that nursery! Until then, I am going to have a friend of mine go with me to get some stuff to organize the closet. At least I can get that part done while we wait for Grant to get back on his feet. I am getting really excited about getting Olivia's room ready for her arrival. That is going to be fun!

And by the way, we have gotten tons of positive feedback about the name Olivia! Everyone seems to love it and the more we call her by name, the more we love it, too!

Well, just wanted to let everyone know what was going on with us. Not much other than getting anxious to get Grant walking and to get moving on that nursery! Until next time - take care.

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Sara and Randy said...

Yeah, enjoy those cute little movements before they start being annoying and painful! =)