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Monday, January 14, 2008

And the Verdict is . . .

It's a GIRL!!!

See her "girl parts" above??? Here are some more of the sonagram pics. The first one shows her holding her arm/elbow and leg/knee up for you to see. Then, the best one of all is the last one where she is sucking her thumb!!!! Awwwwwwww.

Isn't she cute! Ok, so here's the scoop from the appointment. First of all, let me say that she is doing great! Her heartbeat is 149 beats/min (very normal) and she and I are both measuring normal. She looked great and they said she is perfectly healthy! There is one small issue we found out, though. Apparently my placenta is covering my cervix a little. This is called Placenta Previa (see the link for more info) and it will usually move out of the way by week 28 (10 more weeks). Normally as the uterus expands, the walls of it are pulled upward which should shift the placenta upward. So . . . I am having another ultrasound at week 28 to check on it. (Yeah, another ultrasound for free!). If, however, it has not moved by then, then they will continue to do additional ultrasounds every 3 weeks to check on it. The fear is that if it hasn't moved by week 28, it may not move. The biggest issue with it blocking the cervix (besides blocking the exit route for the baby) is that if I go into labor and my cervix starts to open, it can tear the placenta (very bad!). So, that will probably mean that I will need to have a scheduled C-Section early as to avoid that from happening. But, in all probability, it will correct itself before week 28! I'm really not that worried, the baby is doing fine and this is not hurting HER any! If I have to have a C-Section for her sake, so be it! The only down side is that I have been told to take it easy (no lifting, no excercise other than walking and some other restrictions). So if it hasn't moved by week 28, I'm sure they will put even more restrictions on me - fun!

Until then, we've got to come up with a name and baby bedding/decor and register and . . . well . . . we've got lots to do! ;) My next appointment is February 25th for a routine checkup then the ultrasound at 28 weeks on March 31st. Until then, I'll keep you updated on everything else (the bedding, the registry, the nursery etc). Oh, and by the way - Grant is doing well, other than not being able to bear weight, his knee is feeling great and the hives are almost gone! :)


Sara and Randy said...

YAY!!! Gracie has a best friend!!! So exciting! We hope everything goes well with that misbehaving placenta- I'm sure it will be fine.

clyda_bryson said...

We are very excited about the new baby girl in our family! And it is plain to see that she is absolutely adorable! So thankful she is doing well! Take care of yourself and the little one. Glad to hear that Grant is finally getting over hives - they make you miserable. Congratulations and blessings for all three of you!

Noreen Brewer said...

Boy you really are starting to show.

Can't wait to see you

Dad and I love reading your blog, it makes us feel like we are there with you and not so far away.

Love Mom