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Friday, January 4, 2008

Furniture and Heartbeat!

Hey there everyone! Ok, so we had a big day today! We went and ordered our baby furniture this afternoon. See the link:
It is the Baby's Dream Infinity Collection Crib and Combo Dresser/Hutch in Chestnut finish. (not the one with the drop gate- the stationary one) See the 3rd, 4th, and 5th pictures on the link. The combo dresser/hutch isn't shown in the chestnut - but it is in the first picture with the black. It's nothing fancy, but we like it and weren't looking for anything crazy. And it converts into a full size bed for down the road!

Our next stop was to the doctor's where I had my blood taken for the Quad Screening (to test for Down's Syndrome and some other things) and we got to hear the heartbeat!! He said it was in the 150s. Apparently our little one was quite active again. It took him a little bit to find the heartbeat, then he/she moved and he had to find it all over again. The doc. said it sounded like he was being quite active in there! Looks like he/she likes going to the doctor - we got a show in the first sonagram and are looking forward to the next one. Hopefully we'll not only get a show on the 14th, but he/she will be turned right to show us "the goods!" I'll make sure to post the findings asap on here and, of course, we'll be calling our parents on the way home! :)

The Doctor also said I should be feeling some movement in the next couple of weeks, so I'll be waiting for that! I keep trying to feel something and am not really sure what I'm looking for, but when I figure it out and feel it, I'll let ya know! Until next time.

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Sara and Randy said...

Yay! The heartbeat is the coolest thing. I hate when it takes them a minute to find it- it's like you start holding your breath...