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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nursery Time

Hey there everyone! So, we have finally started to make a bit more progress on getting the room cleared out and ready for Olivia. Well . . . we've made some progress and at least have a plan for the rest! Grant and I worked on getting the desk cleared out and getting all the little odds and ends cleared out of there last night. We made a lot of progress and just have a little bit more to do to get everything out that we can right now. Then we'll just have the big desk and little loveseat left to remove from the room, which my dad will help us do.

My parents have volunteered to come up in February (once Grant is back on his feet) to help us get the nursery set up. Dad is going to help us (grant) prime the walls, paint and put up wainscoting and a chair rail to dress up the room. (Mom and I will probably go check out the cute baby stuff and babies-r-us) We are very greatful for their help! I won't be able to do the painting because of the paint fumes, so it will be nice to have him come up and help grant! Then, by the time we are all done that weekend, the room will be ready to move in the furniture once it comes in. Yeay! I am so excited to get started on this room.

In fact, today I had a friend come over and help me brainstorm ideas to get extra storage in the closet and we went and got a rubbermaid drawer thingy for the bottom of the closet and bought some wood to make some small shelves on the right side where it indents a bit. Now we just need to get them cut, painted and installed. We're making progress . . . slowly . . . but progress is better than no progress! Once my parents come the weekend of Feb 16-17th, we'll be pretty far along with the room. Then once the furniture comes in we can get all the cute little accessories (shelves, wall art etc) to dress it up a bit more.

AND . . . Grant's parents wanted to get our bedding for us and have offered to get it early so we can go ahead and look at it and plan around it. Yeah! We'll be ordering that pretty soon so we can go ahead and get it to see how cute it is!

Anyway, that's about all that's been going on here. I'm still feeling little pokes (kicks) on the inside of my tummy that are really cool! I am now SURE what they are and whenever I feel them, it makes me smile! :)

Thank you all for reading my blog! I've been getting a LOT of feedback about it and apparently have quite a few frequent visitors! Thanks so much for keeping up with our special time and feel free to leave us a cute comment on here anytime! Take care.

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