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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Grant and I are just hanging out at home this weekend. Grant had to work yesterday anyway and we'll be seeing a lot of our family coming up in the next bit - so, staying home for Easter is ok. We went and bought ourselves some yummy Easter candy yesterday so we are good.

Ok, so big news - ok . . . I think it is big . . . The nursery furniture will be here this week!!! Yeah! They said that it should be here around Wednesday. Susan and Alan (my in-laws) said they would come up and help us pick it up at the store with their truck and bring it home when it got here - so hopefully they are free this weekend to come help us! Grant is finishing up the touch-up in the nursery as I am typing this. Yeah!!! I cannot wait to see how awesome the furniture is going to look in there. The nursery is already exactly how I wanted it . . . once the furniture is in there - It'll almost be done and I'm so excited!

As far as things with me go - My ribs still hurt here and there and make it hard to lay down to go to sleep. I don't think I'm going to have another good night's sleep until long after she arrives and learns to sleep through the night. I guess this is natures way of preparing me for sleepless nights - I'm already there!

I have found out that some of my girlfriends from college are going to do a shower for me here in Raleigh - they haven't quite set the date yet, but I'll let you all know once they do. It will be April 27th at the earliest through sometime in May.

I have my neighborhood bunco at my house tomorrow night - so I am going to attempt to make this cute bunny cake for everyone to be festive. I'll be handling that this afternoon.
Well, that's about all for now. I'll definately get some more pictures of the nursery once the furniture is in there for everyone to see. Still on our search for the perfect glider, not sure when we'll find that but we are going to head up to Lenoir/Hickory in a couple weeks to look around up there at all the furniture places. Maybe we'll find one up there.

Have a great Easter!

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