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Monday, March 10, 2008

To Gallstone or not to Gallstone.

Ok, so for the last several weeks I have been having (and complaining about) my bad rib pain. I was becoming worried that it may be something more than just expanding ribs - my friend Sara would up with gallstones - so I asked her if my pain was in the same spot as hers and what hers felt like (like a hot poker stabbing me in my right rib always in the same pin-point spot!!). She confirmed that it sounded the same and after several sleepless nights I went to the doc. on Friday and they also said that it sounds like it may be liver or gallbladder issues. They took blood to check my liver function (though they don't really think it is liver since my blood pressure is still really good) and I have an ultrasound scheduled for this wednesday morning to check out my liver and gallbladder. If it is my gallbladder, I will have to go on a very LOW FAT diet for the rest of my pregnancy - yuck!! I mean I like my junk food and it's about to be easter and cadbury eggs are out!!! I'm going to have to stock up on them and save them for after she is born so that I can have them later!

I'll let you all know what I find out on wednesday. It would be nice to have a reason for the rib pain and know how to control it - but why must it mean that I lose my junk food! ugh!!

As for the nursery - Grant worked on it all day yesterday doing some touchups and still has just a little more to do. Maybe by the end of the week, I'll have pictures to show you all. I did sell both the desk and couch that were in there. The guy came to get the desk last weekend and the same guy is going to wind up coming to get the couch wednesday night. Yippee!! That's a little bit of $$$ toward the nursery renovation. The furniture should be here any time now. When we ordered it they told us 10-12 weeks. The end of this week is 10 weeks - so tick tock, tick tock! I cannot wait for it to get here and see how wonderful it looks in Olivia's newly painted room! Then it will REALLY feel like a real nursery!

My mom also called me today to let me know that she is planning on doing my shower back home on the weekend of April 19th. So, that's exciting! Not sure about any other shower's yet - but I'll keep you all posted.

Anyway, I'll keep you all up to date on my gallbladder stuff and post pics of the nursery once Grant finishes.

1 comment:

Sara and Randy said...

Gallbladder issue=low fat diet=SUCKS! But, it is an easy fix and you should feel so much better if that's what it is and you stick to the diet. You'll limit your weight gain, too- at least that's a plus!