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Monday, March 17, 2008

Nursery Pictures

Ok, so the nursery still isn't 100% completed, but it is close. Grant still has a little bit of touch up to do - but you will at least get the idea from the pictures of how it will look. I think it looks fabulous and am soooo excited to get it all finished and get the furniture in there.


Here are the before pics:
Here are pics of them putting up the wanescoting:

Here are pics of them putting up the chair rail:

Here are the "finished" pics:

Here is a picture of the cute green shelves we put up in the closet. They'll be baskets on each of the shelves:

Let me know if you all like it! I think it looks great! I'll put up more pics when we get the furniture in there.


Anonymous said...

The nursery looks really nice. I like the wainscoating, and the wall color.

Aunt Sue

Sara and Randy said...

Faboo! I can't wait to see it with furniture, too!

Anonymous said...

It looks great, I love it. Nice hanging work Grant. Dawn

Kiwi Lexie said...

Sherry, you look great!! I love the name!! Excellent choice for middle name, particularly with the AnnE. Gotta love the E on the end! You guys look wonderful, the room looks excited for the both of you!!

love lex