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Thursday, May 15, 2008

35 Week Belly Shots

Hello again! By the way, I added a poll for you guys to vote when you think Olivia will arrive. Please get your votes in before the end of May.

Here are my 35 week belly shots for your enjoyment:

Now that's a belly! Only 5 weeks left until my due date. Also, I have tried to capture Olivia's rambunctious kicking in a little video (not great quality) on my camera for your viewing pleasure. Let's see if I can get it loaded right:

Did you see that? You have to pay attention, but you can definitely see her moving around in there! How cool!


Mr. Hipp said...

That's crazy!

Sara and Randy said...

Cool video! Hey, I need to go back and change my vote- I got to thinking, and I bet you go WAY earlier than my original vote of 6/10. With your BP rising, they may induce you earlier in case you get pre-eclamptic... I know you won't complain if she's a bit early! =)