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Thursday, May 29, 2008

37 Weeks!

Ok, So I'm 37 weeks along today . . . YIKES! I cannot believe I only have 3 weeks left (maybe less!!) We are starting to get a bit nervous as we are realizing how close we are. oh my gosh!

Anyway, I had my doctor's appt this morning: I asked the doctor for a second opinion about me being ok to go into labor (since we didn't actually SEE a doctor last week) and he agreed that I was fine to go into labor. So it is a "wait and see" approach from this point on. I am 80% effaced and he said that as far as dialation goes, I am a "fingertip" - now we're not sure if that is a full centimeter or a bit less - but at least we are starting to make progress! The sooner the better from this point onward!

So that's the basic update for now. I will be starting to take belly shots every week from here on out since we don't know what week she will make her appearance. So I'll post those later tonight or tomorrow.

We are just about ready for her to come now, we just need to pack our bags! We'll be doing that today. Just a couple other little things to do other than that. I talked to the glider people and the manufacturer will be shipping the glider to Hickory, NC tomorrow morning - so it should arrive next week sometime and hopefully Alan and Susan will be able to bring it to us next weekend. It would be nice to get the glider before Olivia arrives, so we'll be pushing it if she comes early! :)

Well, that's about all for now. I'll give you all weekly updates after my doctor's appointments or if anything else comes up in between.

Thanks also to everyone who voted - the poles are closing tomorrow, so if you haven't voted yet, you'd better! And to whomever the people are that voted for after June 26th . . . that's not nice!! :)

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