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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Taking a Break

Hey there, everyone! OK, so I had a doctor's appt. this morning and he has taken me out of work for a week. My blood pressure has been going up and I've been getting headaches and swelling and have been pretty stressed out with everything going on with work - so he told me to take a week out of work. Not full bed rest, but he wants me to relax, NO WORK and put my feet up to reduce the swelling and they will check on me again in a week. So, I guess I'll just be hanging out here for a week! We do have to meet the lawyer today and I have a shower on Saturday that he said I could go to.

So, anyway, just wanted to keep you all updated on everything here. I will be attempting to relax this coming week (not so easy since I am SO much of an "A" type personality - but I will try).

Today I am 35 weeks and we will be taking some more belly shots for you all - so I'll post those tonight or tomorrow for you all to see how much I've grown! (if you thought the last pics were bad, wait until you check these out!)

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