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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And the Sonagram says . . .

Ok, so I had my latest sonagram yesterday to check on my placenta to try and determine once and for all if this child is going to be able to come out the "natural way" or out my belly (C-Section). First of all, before I get into all of that stuff, here's the latest pics of little Olivia for your viewing pleasure:

As you can see, she doesn't really fit into the picture so well anymore and wasn't really in the mood to get her picture taken. Both pictures are profiles of her face with her hand up near her mouth. Not nearly as good as the pictures earlier on.
Ok, so her heart was going 146 beats/minute (very good) and everything with her looked good. They estimated her to be 6 pounds, 5 ounces already! I hope that this is a really loose estimate or she really won't be able to fit into all those newborn clothes for very long since she still has a little ways to go!
AND onto the bigger news:
Ok, so at 28 weeks we learned that the "misbehaving" placenta had moved off of the cervix opening (good news) but was only about 1.1 cm away from the opening (still covering part of the cervix). That was not so good - so they wanted to take another look at around 36 weeks.
That appt. was yesterday and turns out that although 90-something percent of them move when diagnosed so early and they are cleared for a natural birth - I am not in that percentile! (We always new I was different/special, right? ha ha) Anyway, so it was only 1.5 cm away this time - so over the last 7 1/2 weeks or so, it had only moved about 0.4 cm. That's not so good. Apparently they usually like to see it at least 2, maybe 3 cm away. And since it only moved that little in 7+ weeks, the chances that it will get on out of the way in the next 3-4 weeks is pretty slim.
We didn't get to see a doctor at this appt. to get an official word about it (I am going back Thursday), but the sonagram tech seemed pretty sure that it wasn't looking like they'd like it to. So, that will probably mean a planned C-Section around 39 weeks (~ June 12th-ish). All the doctors will need to get together and agree on what they think and hopefully, I'll get the official work on Thursday. So . . yup . . . all that voting might have been for nothing (although she still could try to come earlier than the scheduled C-Section so those of you who voted for before the 12th timeframe might still be good to go).
After my appt. on Thursday, I'll be sure to let you all know what the official word is. I will also be finding out if I can go back to work next week or not. I haven't been as good as I probably should be this week, so hopefully I'll still be ok. I have gotten some much needed stuff done around here for the nursery - nothing too labor-involved - just washed some of her clothes to get ready for her arrival and straightened up some things for her room. Hopefully the glider will be here REALLY soon and I can get some good final pics of the nursery for you all to see.
So, until Thursday - take care!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow! We'll be thinking about you guys - and we're anxious to hear what you find out.
-Chad, Becca, and Drew