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Thursday, June 5, 2008

38 Week Update

Hello everyone! Still no baby! I keep hoping every morning when I wake up that today will be the day. But it hasn't been THE day yet! (I was also hoping she'd be a nice birthday gift earlier this week - no luck!)

Anyway, I had my weekly doctor's appt. this afternoon and bad news - nothing has changed since last week! I am now planning on trying every "old wives tale" I have been told or can find to try to encourage her to go ahead and come. It is getting MUCH too hot to be this pregnant! So, if you know of any tricks or tips to speed her along, please pass it on to me! :)

We also went to our Lawyer's today to sign our wills and all that estate planning/guardianship stuff (basically sign our lives away . . . literally). So, at least that part is taken care of.

I also went and returned all the Avent bottles, pump, pacifiers etc. to babies-r-us today because they are being recalled due to the BPA chemical in them that can leach out when the plastic is warmed and has been linked to being "cancer causing." So, to be safe, I went ahead and returned all of that and got some Medela stuff to start off with. Avent and some of the other companies are going to be releasing some BPA-free bottles later in the summer, I may try those later on.

Anyway, just a little update. Olivia is still doing fine and enjoying her living quarters (more than her landlord!) I'll get Grant to take some 38-week belly shots later on tonight for you all to see my progress. Other than that, I'll just keep you updated if anything changes - keep your fingers crossed that "things" will change! :)

Oh-yeah, the Glider is FINALLY ready! My in-laws (Alan and Susan) are going to bring it over to us on Sunday along with the highchair and pack-n-play that they got us. Then we'll be ready to go!
Take care and stay out of the heat!

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