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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Guess how much Olivia will weigh!

Ok, we got such a great turn-out in the voting for WHEN she'll arrive, the next question is - how much will she weigh when she does arrive! I've added this as a new poll for you all to play with. I have the voting open until the 19th (my official due date), but the poll will really close when she actually shows up . . . which can be any time - so get your votes in! :)

Let's hope that she's at the lower end of this poll - for my sake!


Mr. Hipp said...

I'm going for 8lbs, 4 oz - the weight of 6 (as in June) basketballs (as in worm).

lexie said...

Hi Grant and Sherry!! I keep checking the blog just WAITING for pictures of little Olivia!! Can't wait to see her! Love you guys very much and God Bless you with a safe delivery and healthy baby! Looking forward to seeing you both as new Mom and Dad! :)

love lex