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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm 1 week old today!

Hello everyone! So, little Olivia is officially 1 week old today! Yeah! So we had another doctor's appointment yesterday and she is now up to 7 lbs 6 oz. So she is now *ONLY* gaining 1 oz a day instead of 2! The doctor was joking around that now she is just breaking into the high end of normal. (little piggy!). She definitely won't starve. All I can say is that if her wanting to eat all the time is our biggest issue, we are VERY lucky first time parents! Her next appointment is the 2-week appointment next Friday.

We also had our little photo shoot yesterday with her. This was just to do what they call a "hands and feet" collage. This is where they take all sorts of cute pictures (in black and white) of her face up close, her hands, feet, ear and other cute little baby parts and put them into a collage of 3 x 3 pictures (9 total) to make one big collage picture. They look really cute. This is so that we will have something to remember how little she is. The shoot went really well and we think the pictures are going to be adorable. They had her stripped down to her diaper and in a big pile of white blankets and tulle with the sunlight on her.

Today, our friends Rhoger and Diane are coming over to do a mini photo shoot with her so that we can do a birth announcement to send out. They should be here any minute!

Well that's about all for now. Let's see if I can't find some more cute pictures to post . . .

Here's a picture of her with her daddy

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Scrapless Press said...

That's a great photo! Congratulations! Good luck with the photo shoot and birth announcements.