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Monday, June 9, 2008

Way too hot!

Ok, so it has been at least 100°C the last several days . . . and let me tell you - THAT'S HOT!!! Especially when your 9+ months prego and ready to pop! You just walk outside and the heat hits you like a wall - even when there is a breeze, it's not refreshing - it's hot (like a blow dryer on you!) Ugh! I could REALLY do without this heat! Unfortunately there's no end in sight! I guess I'll just have to get her out of my body to feel better! :)

Ok, so Alan and Susan brought the glider and pack-n-play up to us yesterday. The glider matches the room perfectly and has to be THE most comfortable chair I have ever sat in! It is awesome. I'll post some pics of the finished nursery sometime this week so you all can see it. I have worked very hard on it and I think it has come out really nice. Now Olivia just needs to come to use it!

On that subject, still no Olivia. I am trying everything I can to get her out of my body. I've been trying a bunch of old wives tales to progress this labor thing along - no go so far! I did have some pretty good contractions on Saturday afternoon for about 1 1/2 hours then again a little later that night - but it didn't amount to anything! Grant and I have been walking late at night (once it cools a little) - but that's not been working either. I have tried to eat some Gorgonzola cheese (a trick that worked for my neighbor) - didn't work for me. Today I have been drinking some Raspberry Tea - we'll see if that works! I would LOVE for her to go ahead and come - and I know all the grandparents would love to meet her, as well!

Well, I'll keep you posted. Nothing else new going on here. I'll get some pics of the nursery up soon. I have my next doctor's appt. on Thursday - keep your fingers crossed for me to have progressed some by then. I'll let you know!

Until then, take care - I'll be hibernating in the air conditioning!


Desiree said...

She's coming on June 14. She wants to give me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Kenneth said...

Like my mom says, maybe it is a full moon thing. June 18th might be about right!!